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3 Reasons Your Organization Need Citizen Developers Now

There is a lot of discussion regarding the need for organizations to support citizen development. Data indicates that the percentage of citizen developers is rising annually. They are non-technical people creating new applications and programs more quickly than ever.

Today’s businesses face a variety of difficulties, including strict rules, changing consumer demands, fierce industry competition, and environmental developments. Most IT departments may not be able to handle these problems.

To address this issue, the concept of “citizen developers” is brought out, enabling team members to create their solutions without the help of IT professionals. This enhances IT rather than lessening its significance. Using low-code and no-code platforms, citizen developers eliminate barriers and bring their ideas to life.

Who is a Citizen Developer?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “citizen developer,” it generally refers to individuals who are not programmers in the traditional sense but who are capable of creating applications. Typically, they do this with the help of simple and direct visual interfaces that enable them to create what they want to see without having to learn a programming language. These are frequently occurring issues that require organizational or customer-level resolution and would take longer for the IT department to handle. Citizen developers are using low-code platforms to improve their unique processes and workflows.

Why are Companies adopting the Citizen Development Model?

Citizen developers can safely enhance company processes due to no-code platforms. An organization’s happier staff members and more effective operations allow the IT team to focus on more important initiatives when there is a good citizen development program in place.

Understanding the Average Citizen Developer

The average citizen developer tries to bridge the gap between the needs of consumers and the services they receive from IT experts. These folks are trying to find quick fixes for the issues they and their customers are experiencing. These business users want to relieve the pressure on the current system and find solutions. Even though it is largely unregulated, citizen development programs can be tapped to significantly increase commercial success.

Reasons Why Companies are Investing in Citizen Development

Here are some reasons why organizations must encourage citizen development to create future-proof business practices.

The Demand for Applications is Higher than the Supply

Our world is designed for convenience. The best way to do something is always the most convenient, and the most convenient of all is when it is specifically designed to meet your needs. The only way to overcome the “I want it immediately” mentality is to do that.

Every company strives to alter its industry, moving away from analog to more digital services and modernizing to increase operational efficiency. This resulted in a direct demand for software to assist them in streamlining their current operations. The current IT team cannot deliver a lot of software.

Businesses now have a limited number of options. Either overburden the IT team and discover a prolonged schedule for the digitization procedures or convert to low-code and no-code platforms. This is where citizen coders can help if they have the required aptitude. Here, IT teams can act as a training and advisory body to promote quicker growth.

The Team Itself Best understands the Needs of a Team

There will always be some back and forth when a different team of workers develops software for another team. Nobody can comprehend a team’s demands more effectively than the team itself.

The back and forth between what a group wants and what is being provided to them frequently wastes a lot of time. This is a waste of time because participation in the process is the only way to fully understand business automation. In that way, citizen development strengthens the professionals. This gives the line cooks the freedom to prepare the items on the menu while the head chef is in charge of supervising them.

Successful programs are developed with an understanding of their potential purposes, the kind of clients they will serve, and the data that will power them. Another factor is why individuals favor specialists over employees of shared services. This makes it possible for departments and IT to work on important initiatives at the necessary pace.

The IT Department is Generally Understaffed

A much greater amount of funds and resources would need to be given to the IT department for it to meet the requirements of the entire organization. Similar to how supporting citizen development can help your company today, imagine how far behind enterprises would have been in the early 2000s if word processing and data processing had not been automated and outsourced. It is a simple method for overcoming departmental gaps and improving the working environment.

Customers always want solutions that can address their problems, and they always want them now. This is typically getting worse as more applications are developed around them. Conventional IT development cannot keep up with such demands, especially at the required quality.


Your citizen development program’s success depends on the platform you choose. HCL Domino is a thorough, no-code work platform that is specially created to satisfy the requirements of various companies. With HCL Domino, you can enable citizen developers and save costs, increase productivity, and fulfill your company’s expanding app needs.

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