September 26, 2023

5 Ways We Love Art Can Heal Your Mental Health with Art Therapy

May 2022, Dubai, UAE:  Whether it’s rooted in marriage, work, school or the past, stress is a huge part of everyone’s lives today. So, this mental health awareness month, why not try art therapy to release pent-up emotions and heal your mental health issues? From encouraging creativity to releasing stress, We Love Art, the Middle East’s No.1 creative experience company truly believes that painting has the power to change your life from the inside out.

CEO & Founder, Denise Schmitz shares five ways on how colour and canvas can heal your mental health:

Boosts self-confidence

Creating art engages our mind, body and spirit while releasing some of the stress and pressures you may be facing in everyday life. Studies reveal that participating in a creative activity for only 45 minutes can reduce hormone levels and cortisol and improve self-esteem. We Love Art offers a variety of online and in-person painting events across the region so that you can find your preferred outlet to alleviate stress and heal your body towards feeling better.

Renews sense of self

We Love Art gives anyone of any age or ability the chance to paint a masterpiece and explore their hidden Picasso. This not only helps you silence your inner critic but also increases self-worth. And with the We Love Artbox being accessible from any part of the world, you can now paint your canvas anywhere, anytime. An authentic and guided experience, this hand-crafted Artbox comes with a step-by-step painting guide along with a premium video tutorial to help you find your inner artist.

Connecting over art

From beginners to maestros, the We Love Art Paint & Grape sessions offer a relaxing experience as you spend quality time with loved ones or form new friendships while bonding over art. Paired with creativity and conversation, We Love Art’s Paint & Grape evenings provide a fun change to a typical night out whilst helping you to become an artist in under three hours. 

Release pent-up emotions and spread happiness

CEO & Founder, Denise Schmitz used art therapy to overcome a major personal setback in her life and realized the transformative power it had which drove her to make We Love Art into the success that it is today. Art helps you connect with yourself and provides an opportunity to acquire a new passion while releasing emotions through a healthy outlet. Whether you attend We Love Art’s Paint & Grape evenings or paint in the comfort of your home with their handcrafted boxes, life is bound to feel more colourful with We Love Art.

Stay mindful

With everyone addicted to phones and social media all day (and night) long, it is important to take some time off to truly unplug and be present in the moment. Painting reconnects you to the present moment by helping your mind focus on the task at hand rather than dividing your attention.

Experience complete mindfulness at We Love Art’s upcoming Meditation in Colour event to be held at the Four Seasons Resort Dubai. This unique session combines We Love Art’s painting experiences with mindfulness and visualization so that you can leave feeling tranquil, grounded and happy, along with a masterpiece of your beautiful work.

Meditation in Colour @ Four Seasons Resort Dubai

Date: 27th May 2022

Time: 2.30PM – 5PM

Price: AED 990 (inclusive of a 30minutes guided meditation and 2 hours of creative painting)


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