December 4, 2023

8 Out of 10 UAE audio consumers are choosing wireless multi-room audio systems for home listening

Leading audio-visual specialists in the United Arab Emirates, today announced its customers are increasingly opting for Multi-Room Audio Systems for their personal audio listening needs.

In-store inquiries regarding the latest streaming technologies more than doubled in 2020, with eight in ten customers eager to know more, or choosing to buy a multi-room audio system set up for their homes instead of classic stereo systems.

Multi-room audio systems leverage at-home Wi-Fi to send music wirelessly over a group of speakers attached to the same network, offering seamless access to music, flexible control via mobile apps or web browsers, and customizable listening opportunities as a family, individual or in every room.

Depending on the home, customers can set up any number of speakers they like, and then stream, or play music from a variety of sources straight from their phone or other compatible source devices.

Wireless streaming is one of the simplest solutions to conveniently enjoy high-quality music wirelessly without the fuss of wires or complex pieces of equipment.

“Taste in music within a modern or traditional family are distinctly different, so it makes sense to have an audio system in place that can cater to every members’ individual needs. We imagine many of our customers will find a multi-room audio system, which can talk to multiple apps and streaming systems, is one of the best ways to listen to music at home. At DG+ we have been hard at work educating and demonstrating the true benefits wireless streaming audio to our customers. We are also happy to work with leading brands like Denon and Sonos to bring music to life in homes across the UAE. Convenience, ease of use, superior connectivity, and the ability to entertain guests are just some of the advantages of our customised multi-room audio systems,” said Hitesh Ojha, head of AV Business, DG Plus.

One of the most popular brands at DG+ is Denon, which just announced the launch of the Denon Home Sound Bar 550.

It is the latest product in Denon’s “Home” series of products, giving our customers another opportunity to add the magic of streaming whole-home audio to their TV room.

“Denon has been making innovative audio products for over 110 years. Customers new to multi-room audio systems that appreciate great-sounding music should consider Denon because they’re one of the few multi-room audio streaming systems that can stream high-resolution music. Also, Denon multi-room audio products seamlessly connect with Denon and Marantz amplifiers, AV receivers and AV processors with HEOS Built-in,” commented Ojha.

For customers and families looking to learn more and thoroughly educate themselves on tailor-made audio subsystem for their homes, DG+ is keen to help them get a better understanding of their individual needs.

The audio specialists at DG+ are seasoned and highly qualified AV Consultants, ready to help at the DG+ experience area in Time Square Centre Dubai, and at select Sharaf DG Stores in Abu Dhabi Mall, Dubai Mall and, Deira City Centre.

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