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Abhishek Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Kartik Aaryan & other B-Town celebs to headline a celebrity football match in Dubai

AG Events, a leading event organising company, is set to treat Dubai football enthusiasts and Bollywood fans alike to an action-packed celebrity football match at the Shabab Al Ahli Stadium, Mamzar on Saturday, May 7. The star-studded event, which is part of a fundraising exercise in aid of xxx, will see Abhishek Bachchan-led All Stars Football Club (ASFC) battle it out with Dubai’s homegrown community football team – Emirates United. To get the low down on the one-of-a-kind exhibition match, MENews247 spoke exclusively to the AG Events team leader – Ayush Gupta – on what it took to organize this event, what his team hopes to achieve and what the fans can expect on the day.

Why did you choose a sporting activity and not a normal fundraising event?

Sports have always been close to my heart. From when I was a young boy, I always liked how sports made people happy, particularly when one team scored a goal, how its fan erupted in jubilation – the celebrations never get old! That and the fact that sports always bring people together regardless of their background or position in the society. Using sports as a fundraising activity is a win-win for everyone involved. This is an activity that will bring UAE residents together not only to enjoy a thrilling game of celebrity football but also one that is for a worthy cause. At the end of the day, the fans and players will go home feeling good about themselves – having enjoyed an action-packed football match as well as helping the needy in society.

What was the inspiration behind this particular concept?

Fans love to see their favorite celebs in different environments like engaging in sporting activities. This is because they attract football enthusiasts and the fans of the celebrities. Celebrity football matches are also popular fundraising activities. The energy in and out of the pitch is phenomenal. We organized a similar activity in Delhi in 2013 and this year we are doing it in Dubai – the regions sporting hub.

How did you manage to rope-in so many celebrities for a single event?

Bringing together celebrities is not easy. However, we were lucky that ASFC has the team for the last 10 years and these celebrities are part of it. Besides that, the vision and the objective of the activity also played a big part in encouraging these celebrities to get involved and participate in the football match. The initiative’s growing popularity has also attracted some new faces who want to be part of this all-important journey.

Why did you choose to do it in Dubai?

As I mentioned earlier, Dubai is the region’s sporting hub. Not only that, but Dubai is also a leading entertainment and tourism destination. On its part, India is the home of Bollywood, which makes these two destinations a perfect match! What better way of bringing these two great nations closer together than a celebrity football match and not just for the fun part of it but also for a great cause!

What kind of impact do you hope to have after this event?

Our main objective is to bring Bollywood lovers and football fanatics together through a combination of sports, glamour and entertainment and to ultimately support a worthy cause. We hope this activity will be memorable for the fans and the celebrities alike. Their contribution and participation are crucial to the success of this event and we are grateful for the support.

What sort of crowds are expected to attend the exhibition match?

We expect everyone who loves a good game of football to come and cheer their favorite team. We also expect Bollywood lovers in UAE to come in large numbers to see their favorite stars up close and also see them in action. Having said that, the Emirates United team also boasts of many UAE-based celebrities. This promises to be a must-attend celebrity football match.

Are you planning to organize a similar event in other parts of the GCC?

Absolutely! Dubai is just the beginning. We are confident that we are going to have a successful celebrity football match in Dubai, which will pave the way for other events in other cities in the GCC.

What can we expect in the near future from AG Events?

We have plenty of surprises lined up! This year has started on a high note with this celebrity football match in Dubai. We just want our fans to be on the lookout for fun-filled activities coming to venues near them throughout the year! We may announce our next one on May 7th.

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