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Alef Education partners with professors at the STEM Education Department in the University of Kentucky to create interactive math lessons to enhance learner engagement

November 24, 2022 – Alef Education, a UAE-based leading global education technology provider, has partnered with professors at the STEM Education Department at the University of Kentucky to create the interactive math interface ‘Math Derby’ and engage 4,500 students across 46 schools in the US through enjoyable lessons that lay emphasis on learner engagement.

Created in partnership with professors from the STEM Education Department at the University of Kentucky, the new lessons/interface is designed for young learners in Grades 3-5 in the USA. While K-6 digital math content is widely available in many forms, the key challenge for many teachers, parents, and learners remains engagement. However, Math Derby lessons solve this challenge through its emphasis on humor, relevance, and learner choice. Would learners prefer to race robots? Sea monsters? Zombie bananas? In Math Derby, the choice is made by the learners.

Geoffrey Alphonso, CEO at Alef Education, said: “Alef Education has been constantly working towards transforming the education sector by establishing an online and AI-based education system that meets the needs and requirements of educators. Our partnership with University of Kentucky reiterates this commitment as together we will work to address the key issues, including short attention spans and easy disengagement, faced while dealing with young learners. Through Math Derby, we lean into humor as kids laugh is a demonstrated key to engagement–games, and inquiry structure.”

Guided by the learning pedagogy of experienced professors and hands-on experience in US classrooms, the Math Derby lessons represent the intersection of both modern learning design and modern learners.

From funny slime characters to the many-sized worlds of SizeCraft, the Math Derby lessons lean into the idea that the internet is a place where your imagination controls the show. In keeping with CAST’s Checkpoint 7.1, the lessons offer learners choices to develop self-determination, pride in accomplishment, and increase the degree to which they feel connected to their learning.

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