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Alpha Pro Partners launches outsourced HR solutions aimed at SMEs

  • Customer-focused accounting firm builds on its reputation with new HR services
  • $7.8 trillion in workplace productivity is lost without proper HR solutions
  • Bespoke packages start at AED 1,500 per month based on the number of employees

Alpha Pro Partners, the UAE’s leading customer-focused accounting firm, has introduced its outsourced human resources (HR) offering designed to support start-ups and small businesses in this crucial area of their business. The firm, with offices in Dubai, London and Riyadh, now provides retained solutions alongside one-off services to manage all aspects of HR, using the comprehensive palm.hr platform.

Alpha Pro Partners’ Founder, Rayhan Aleem, explains the reason behind the launch and why these solutions are needed.

“Our philosophy is to support entrepreneurs as they are the back bone to the economy,” Rayhan says. “Their business is their livelihood and we strive to support their success. We started our journey supporting them with accounting services and we now see that HR is another important function which cannot be neglected. Employees are a company’s most important asset, and with an estimated $7.8 trillion of workplace productivity lost to disengaged employees, it’s more important than ever to ensure your HR standards are up-to-date to keep people motivated and deal with any issues swiftly.”

Rayhan’s first focus is on the UAE market. “The complexities of the UAE’s HR laws can be hard to follow for entrepreneurs and SMEs, often resulting in unexpected fines, impacting their bottom line,” he adds. “This is where our new offering can help.”

The ever-evolving laws of the UAE can be difficult to navigate. Fines and penalties can be a nasty shock if you don’t have the relevant professionals guiding you. Alpha Pro Partners’ newly launched services are a cost-effective way to proceed.

They include several solutions for complex and time-consuming activities that can all be managed remotely. These include creating salary certificates for employees, preparing visa applications, employee orientation, payroll, appraisals and much more. Alpha Pro Partners’ HR services are all compliant with UAE laws and are constantly updated to avoid any surprises.

Alpha Pro Partners’ one-stop solution packages start from as little as AED 1,500 per month. The affordable cost negates the need to hire on-the-ground human resources reps while also giving business owners peace of mind. A team of professionals covering admin, technical and strategic matters are always on-hand to help deal with any problems that may arise swiftly and efficiently.

These services safeguard businesses by abiding by UAE laws, plus there are even more benefits including employee satisfaction and safety. With a robust HR plan in place from Alpha Pro Partners, SMEs can help reduce employee turnover, avoid unforeseen penalties for non-compliance and continue on a trajectory of growth.

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