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ANDS MEA & SMOORE International announces a strategic partnership to expand the region’s alternative nicotine product markets

  • ANDS aims to become the genuine leader in alternative nicotine solutions in the Middle East and Africa(“MEA”)
  • Collaboration adds to ANDS’ vision to bring the most advanced nicotine delivery solutions within reach of the over 140 million adult smokers across the MEA region

Dubai, UAE; June 27, 2021: ANDS MEA, a leading company in the nicotine alternative products industry such as vaping products and heated tobacco technology, will cooperate exclusively with Smoore International Holdings Limited (“Smoore International”, a global leader in offering vaping technology solutions) in manufacturing nicotine delivery system using the latest technology.

Aligned with the global vision to reach all regulated markets in the coming five years, ANDS and Smoore International will work towards launching the latest technology of vaping products.  Accelerating the development of nicotine alternative products, adult customers will be able to access a variety of brands that are developing cutting-edge potential tobacco harm reduction products with a focus on technology, science, and social responsibility.

ANDS has a strong commercial and operational presence across the region, while Smoore International brings advanced R&D technology, strong manufacturing capacity, a wide-spectrum product portfolio, and a diverse customer base.

ANDS MEA will leverage its extensive knowledge of the local markets to promote alternative nicotine delivery systems amongst the target adult audience and Smoore International will draw on its research and technological strengths to empower and work towards providing the latest products technology. Tapping into the region’s vast opportunities, the two entities will collaborate to bring a variety of nicotine alternative products available to the market.

Fadi Maayta, Co-Founder and President, ANDS MEA, said: “ANDS MEA is built on a strong foundation of people and culture that has accumulated long years of experience from leading multinational corporations and tailored those experiences to serve adult consumers in the region to bring them a credible and innovative product portfolio. Despite the challenges the pandemic presented, we created one of the most advanced and professional local distribution, logistics, and marketing organisations for Alternative Nicotine Delivery Solutions in the Middle East and Africa. The partnership with Smoore International, the world’s largest vaping device manufacturer and most advance in technology in its field, will meet the region’s business requirements and provide targeted adult customers with a seamless platform to reach a wide variety of revolutionary nicotine alternatives.”

Jamal Bachir, Managing Director, ANDS MEA, said: “We look forward to enhancing our partnership with Smoore International. At ANDS, we advise all adult smokers to break free from their cigarettes and nicotine altogether, but if they cannot, we are trying to provide them with better alternatives with less exposure to harmful compounds compared to combustible cigarettes, with our goal of ushering in a cigarette-free era in the region.”

Frank Han, Vice President, Smoore and President of FEELM Business Division, said: “We have been devoted to build a world-leading atomisation technology platform, empowering our strategic partners with high-end atomisation technology. We are looking forward to starting our business collaboration with ANDS MEA, confident that we are both moving in the same direction towards helping more adult smokers to make the switch.”

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