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Arabia CSR Network Creating a Firm Foundation for a Sustainable Future

The Arabia CSR Network conducted a back-to-backtraining and workshop from 16th – 19th May 2022onhas been consistently achieving milestones to make csr CSR and sustainability reporting a standard practice for all companies and organisations. The Network conducted recently a back to back Sustainability Reporting Training and Gap Analysis Workshop which was attended by private and government institutions.

Mrs. Habiba ​​Al Mar’ashi, President& CEO of the Arabia CSR Network shared that the network’s commitment, as the first CSR and sustainability multi-stakeholder platform, the oldest and the region’s foremost leading knowledge and training center is committed to engage small and large businesses as well as government institutions to leverage sustainable development practices since its inception in 2004.

The Network has been consistently achieving milestones to make CSR and sustainability reporting a standard practice for all companies and organisations. She said: “The Sustainability Reporting Training course promotes reporting skills and also deepens understanding about strategy, policy, objectives, goals, targets and performance indicators. The Network’s trainings and tailored workshops aim at facilitating the companies to embed the sustainable development values in their core business and promote fundamental changes in our approach and practices, and make this 2022 the Year of Distinction and Precedence – that we move forward with determination, creativity and skill.”

She further added: “ACSRN’s trainings and workshops help professionals to publish sustainability reports based on the knowledge and technical know-how ofn the Sustainability Reporting structure. The course discussions covered the linkages with the UN Sustainable Development Goals which haves become an important priority for the entities around the world. The UN SDGs are also the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

The course focused on the essential components of the sustainability reporting process from start to finish, including practical steps of the SR reporting cycle, reporting checklist, stakeholders and materiality, as well as conceptual elements of sustainability and SR. Apart from lectures and discussions, participants also partook of a set of integrative exercises, including the review and evaluation of live reports“.

She added: “At a time when there is an urgent need for the private sector to accelerate sustainability activities, collaborate with other sectors and innovate towards a comprehensive recovery from the Covid-19 crisis, the training course was conducted in a way that ensures maximiszation of benefits through in-depth lectures, detailed discussions and exercises based on real-life scenarios that participants can truly relate to, including an end-of-cycle assessment of published sustainability reports.”

“Participants in the training sessions are able to intensify their understanding of how best to use sustainability reporting for strategic purposes, given that transparency and reporting are nearly the minimum requirements for a sustainable business,” she added.

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