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BY: DR. Jayalakshimi


The beauty of Ayurveda is that it emphasizes on a comprehensive and whole-body approach towards health. So when this age-old science speaks about vitality, it means cultivating a positive outlook, nourishing the body with healthy and sustainable food and respecting the natural rhythms and biological clocks of our body.

What it means:

Our stressful and demanding lives often accumulate toxins that work adversely on our immunity, metabolism and energy. With time-bound schedules and never-ending challenges, it has become imperative that we take charge of the physical and psychological ‘feel-good’ factors and in every small way that we can.

How to do it:

The science of Ayurveda cannot stress much on the importance of having immunity, radiant skin, vigor, good mood, enough sleep, physical strength and emotional well-being. It obviously cannot happen overnight and the current lifestyle has caused enough damage to our system. No matter how small they may seem, embracing the following habits are a good start and enough to reignite your vitality from within.

  1. An eye for beauty: Eyes are our window to the world and they function tirelessly from morning until we put ourselves to sleep. Not to forget, the modern age screen time has added to the stress levels in its functioning. Here’s a good start to caring for your eyes naturally. Splash eyes with clean water. This practice strengthens the eyes, improves eye sight, clears the mind and recharges mental energy.
  2. Relax with oils: Who doesn’t love the word ‘longevity’! But it doesn’t come easy. To attain a body that’s healthy in the mind and soul as well, one needs to introduce some basic rituals in the routine. Self-massaging is one such that needs to be carried out at least thrice a week. Massaging with appropriate and essential oils stimulates all the systems in our body. Don’t forget to include ears!
  3. Exercise daily: There isn’t a science, Ayurveda or otherwise, that doesn’t stress upon the importance of having a daily excise regime. Whether it’s a 30 minutes’ walk, jog, run, an adrenalin pumping session at the gym or an engaging Yoga session early in the morning; exercise needs to be a daily practice.
  4. Watch what you eat: There is a difference between eating to pacify hunger and indulging to pacify cravings! Eat only when you feel hungry and aim to eat ‘sattvic’ foods (pure foods). Eating only when you’re hunger rises means that you are responding to the urges of the body appropriately. Respect the signals your body sends to your brain and it will never ill-treat you in the bargain.
  5. Its fasting time: Our digestive system is a machine that needs rest too. Fast at least once per month. The term fasting does not have to mean avoiding food completely. One can fast on solids or grains for twenty-four hours in order to simply give your digestive system a break. This fast will also allow enough time to replenish the body with hydrating nutrients that go a long way in keeping the body glowing and youthful.
  6. Herbs to the rescue: If you had to choose one herb out of the thousands of herbs used in Ayurvedic Medicine, Triphala would be the one. Three fruits is comprised of Amalaki, Bibhataki and Haritaki, which are three of the most important herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. Triphala is known as a rasayana, which means that it rejuvenates and strengthens the tissues- specifically as it cleanses and tones the gastro-intestinal tract. Have Triphala before bedtime to set a healthy digestive routine and also curb absorption of excess fats from food consumed.
  7. Meditation is the key: For most of us, Ayurveda means yoga and meditation. It’s an age old practice that calms the mind, helps us make choice consciously and face life with vigor. Meditate every day. Start slowly with 10 minutes and increase the duration gradually. What’s important is that your mind and soul need to become one entity when you shut yourself away from the hustle-bustle of the world.

Whether its cultivating positivity, improving relationships, battling stress or increasing the happiness quotient in lives, Ayurveda’s take on vitality is for everyone to seek.

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