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BFL Group earns 2022 Great Place to Work Certification

August 10, 2022

Brands For Less (BFL) Group, one of the largest retail leaders in the UAE, has been certified as one of the best places to work issued by the global authority on workplace culture “Great Place to Work”.

The accreditation was accorded to the Group based on an evaluation of the workplace environment that considered the successful outcomes attained as a result of effective internal communication between the leadership team and the staffs, employees’ sense of pride in the work they perform, as well as the value of trust, innovation, organisational, and leadership skills they possess.

Toufic Kreidieh, Co-Founder and CEO of the Brands For Less Group said: “We are thrilled to have received this prestigious international accreditation as it highlights our resolve and commitment to provide a safe and secure environment for our employees to grow. Our practices are in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, to foster progressive work environments that are attractive to employees and provide them with all the comfort and happiness they deserve.”

“We strive to empower our employees to achieve excellence and bring out the best in them. Only by bringing out the best in our people can we provide the best service to our customers. As a testament to our dedication and unwavering commitment to serving our communities, we are pleased to be included on the Best Workplaces List 2022,” he added.

The survey to determine the best place to work, is conducted by a management consultancy, Great Place To Work, a global authority on workplace culture that aspires to create an ideal work environment for employees worldwide. They assist firms in assessing their workplace culture and achieve good business results by cultivating a high-trust workplace environment for employees.

Ibrahim Mougharbel, Managing Director of “Great Place To Work” stated: “Brands For Less Group is a ‘Great Place to Work’ not just because of the award they received, but also because of how they put their employees first. When asked about their workplace, employees expressed pride in their work and safety in their organization. It is crucial for businesses to create a safe work environment and ensure employees value their work and contribute to the community. Management’s competence in running the business is a highly-valued testimony, as management of any company can make or break its success. However, Brands For Less Group proved to its employees that they could run their business and prioritize the well-being of their teams at the same time.”

“Brands For Less puts a lot of effort into celebrating occasions and honouring its employees, further fostering a culture that values recognition and the welfare of employees. Any organization’s success is largely determined by its customers as well, and they had great things to say about Brands For Less, as employees indicated how the company consistently receives positive feedback from its customers. Brands For Less is an example of how an organization can value its employees, management, and customers while continuing to be successful,” he added.

The firm compiles the annual report for the certification after conducting a survey across 60 countries. Employees of the companies are given a ‘trust index’, which evaluates numerous factors such as how employees are treated in the company, whether they are paid a fair wage, and if they are properly informed about management decisions etc. Organisations must also submit a Culture Audit Document, which provides an in-depth review of the workplace culture for the previous year. The list only includes organisations based in the Gulf area.

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