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CS Event’s business activities jump 340% amid challenging economic situation and COVID-19 pandemic in 2021

Date: Dubai, UAE, March 2, 2022

Cogent Solutions Event Management (CS Events), a futuristic and customer centric business events management company, has recorded a 340 percent jump in business revenue exceeding Dh3.81 million in 2021, compared to Dh1.11 million recorded in 2020, company records show.

The company, established in June 2020 – at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic – crossed Dh 1.1 million revenue in just six months of operations in a very difficult environment with a handful of firebrand professionals.

At the end of 2021, the company’s valuation has shot up to Dh38 million (US$10.39 million), in just 18 months into operation.

“Customer Centric Approach Works! our journey so far has been incredibly successful especially considering the tough economic environment marred with the biggest healthcare pandemic in modern history, we were able to achieve this remarkable feat with brilliant minds combined with latest tech-driven virtual, hybrid and physical events approach,” Nizam Deen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CS Events, says.

“We don’t aim to compete with anyone except ourselves. We want to do better than how we did last year, and we can only do that by consistently learning and pushing our boundaries. We are inspired by the leadership of UAE. We learn and apply principles from UAE’s journey into our business! We are striving to be an active member in creating the future.

“We have already expanded operations and started executing events in regions like Iraq and several countries in Africa which were extremely difficult at the beginning. We came through with flying colours. In 2021, the team has delivered more than 30 successful events. The drop-out rate for boardrooms was less than 20 percent, which is very low, and reflects the customers’ confidence in CS Events.

“Some of our key clients had 90 percent attendance on their tailored boardroom events. The client was amazed with the boardroom delivery. We delivered our first Hybrid event last year (2nd Open Banking Forum). Our clients were happy and we were extremely proud of the way we delivered the event.”

CS Events delivered two highly successful back-to-back banking conferences – Open Banking Conference in December 2021 and Middle East Banking Revolution Summit in February 2022. Participants, delegates, speakers and partners have offered rich tributes to some of the events organised by CS Events.

“Thank you very much for your services connected with today virtual event,” said an elated participant. “I would like to highlight the great attendance you managed today, from 122 confirmed delegates, you brought 109 attendees with 10 percent drop off only!

Another satisfied participant said, “Your invitation process helped us to achieve an excellent ratio, much higher than the average and I am looking forward working with you in a future for a similar type of account-based marketing workshops across MEA. Well done!”

Nizam Deen, a seasoned events management professional himself, launched his own business in 2020 – at the beginning of the COVID-pandemic. He started processing his business licence during the COVID-19 lockdown – at a time when a large number of businesses collapsed and others were packing bags.

“It was a difficult time and a very difficult decision. However, I was confident due to my skills, knowledge and experience. Our success is a result of our collective teamwork,” he said.

“While working on events some team members have shown their talents in other areas of work which we encourage and help build their confidence. We help our employees identify their passion and match them against their strength to ensure they perform the best at work and in return in life.

“Our employees chose when they get promoted and when they deserve a salary increment through the open-door policy. We practice an open-door policy. every manager’s door is open to every employee. The purpose is to encourage open communication, feedback, and discussion about any matter of importance to an employee and project.”

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