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DCL develops counterfeit detection test for precious stones and metals

Dubai, June 29, 2022:

Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) of Dubai Municipality has developed a detection test to assess the authenticity of gemstones, precious metals, and amber stones that might be treated with plastic.

Laboratory specialists have developed different tests that use laser technology to distinguish between treated and untreated amber stones, keeping consumers informed of the quality and genuineness of the gemstones they purchase. Consumers can now know the types of treatment the amber stone has gone through i.e. – heat treated or if the cavities were doctored with plastic.

DCL has played a major role in developing various tests that are beneficial for customers in different sectors – including consumables and commodities, food, efficiency and safety of electronics, and construction materials. With innovation as one of its core values, Dubai Municipality has always emphasised the importance of research and studies to develop innovative and advanced examination methods to increase efficiency of these tests.

It is worth noting that the Gemological Institute of America recently published a white paper on DCL’s Gemstones and Precious Metals Testing Lab.

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