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D(eco)rate your home with Royal Furniture

June 2022, DUBAI, UAE

The world is constantly evolving and shifting towards an eco-conscious lifestyle and caring for the environment – be it through eating clean or buying ethical and sustainable products. When it comes to home décor, whilst we do love elegant and good-looking furniture accessories, we have also become a lot more conscious and aware of how products that we place in our personal spaces impact the environment.

Royal Furniture, the country’s leading furniture retailer, with 10+ stores, has implemented various sustainable practices to play their role in protecting the environment.

Operating for more than 30 years now, Royal Furniture has invested in large warehouses and manufacturing plants in order to localize production of furniture items and accessories – be it bulk or customized. The raw materials used for the production are all sourced from suppliers within the country, efficiently, which further reduces transportation costs and minimizes carbon footprint.

The brand also believes in upcycling leftover materials to create functional pieces that are long-lasting, durable, and most importantly, value for money. These items have been designed keeping in mind the constant changes in trends and styles, to help you store them in your personal space for a longer period, thereby playing a part in limiting the furniture that could end up in landfill.

A major change for a better future also calls for reduction in unnecessary production. Royal Furniture is one of the very few furniture retails in the country offering customization from scratch. You can choose your favorite fabric, finishing, colour, as well as the size and style of the sofa.

By reducing their bulk production and focusing solely on customized and bespoke designs, not only has the brand managed to save on holding and production costs, but they have also reduced wastage by re-using and repurposing older waste materials to curate new furniture designs.

You can visit Royal Furniture stores in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Al Ain to view the collection. You can also shop online at www.royalfurniture.ae

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