December 1, 2023
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Deliveroo Express Mart launches recipe kit in collaboration with Rinky Pamnani

To support Dubai residents in their healthy eating and keeping fit resolutions, Deliveroo Express Mart, Deliveroo’s grocery offering, and Ricky Pamnani have teamed up to co-create quick, simple and tasty meals.

These recipe kits can be ordered via Deliveroo Express Mart and are delivered straight to your door in under 30 mins. 

The first recipe launch will be Rinky’s signature vegan Oatmeal, perfect to whip up for a quick breakfast or enjoy any time of the day.

Deliveroo Express Mart will deliver a complete kit with all required ingredients including rolled oats, delicious vegan maple syrup and creamy almond milk along with a step-by-step recipe card to guide customers through the entire recipe. 

Speaking about her new launch, Rinky Pamnani said:

“I am truly excited to be collaborating with Deliveroo Express Mart for the launch of my Recipe Kits. Veganism is more than a food trend to me, it is a consciousness. I have been asked time and again to share my at-home recipes, and 2021 felt like just the right time to go ahead with it with a reliable partner like Deliveroo. This is the food I make in my own home with these very ingredients and now my audience and those on the lookout for a quick healthy solution can just order it with the tap of a button. Definitely an exciting start to the year and first of many.”

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