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DEWA organises a Youth Circle titled ‘Youth Action Towards Achieving Net-Zero’

During the 8th edition of the World Green Economy Summit (WGES), which was organised by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), the World Green Economy Organization (WGEO), and the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, DEWA’s Youth Council, in cooperation with the Federal Youth Authority, organised a Youth Circle titled ‘Youth Action Towards Achieving Net-Zero’. The session discussed several topics related to the role of the youth in climate action; the future skill-sets the youth need to pursue to be able to tackle the climate change issues; and the role of the government and private sectors and NGOs in supporting youth action towards achieving the net-zero targets.

HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Vice Chairman of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, MD&CEO of DEWA and Chairman of WGEO; and Waleed Bin Salman, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Excellence at DEWA and Vice Chairman of WGEO, which witnessed a large number of young people who enriched the discussions and showed great interest in the session’s topics.

“Inspired by the vision and directives of our wise leadership to empower young people and involve them in decision-making and sustainable development efforts, DEWA believes in the pivotal role of the youth in national work, especially in climate action. This supports the ambitious goals of the UAE Centennial 2071; the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, and the Dubai Net Zero Carbon Emissions Strategy 2050 to provide 100% of Dubai’s total power capacity from clean energy sources by 2050,” said Al Tayer.

Al Tayer explained that DEWA plays an essential role in supporting national efforts to increase the share of clean energy, as Dubai has become a global role model in development and prosperity. Under the directives of the wise leadership, DEWA has succeeded in turning challenges into opportunities. It is always keen on proactive planning in its projects, following international best practices and promoting investment in the youth.

Al Tayer  also highlighted that DEWA is one of the largest government organisations that attract Emiratis. It is also one of the largest government departments in the UAE that is keen on recruiting, qualifying, and developing national calibre. The number of Emirati employees at DEWA is 3,388 males and females in various positions, including 1,889 employees in technical positions; 587 of them being female engineers. This supports efforts to empower women in the UAE. The number of young employees at DEWA is 3,464, representing 30.9% of the total number of employees. There are 2,149 young male and female Emirati employees, representing 19.2% of the total number of employees.

“We believe that the nation’s youth are our renewable wealth that will continue the journey of success to create the future. This helps achieve the UAE’s Centennial 2071 to make the UAE the world’s leading nation. DEWA strives to invest in the potential of youth and provide an interactive forum to empower and engage them in anticipating and shaping the future as well as achieving sustainable development. DEWA attaches great importance to supporting its Youth Council and its role in creating communication bridges with other youth councils across the UAE,” said Al Tayer.

Al Tayer thanked the Federal Youth Authority for their efforts in supporting the youth and for their cooperation with DEWA’s Youth Council in organising the session. He also thanked the distinguished young people for their dedication in advancing sustainable development, emphasising that they are the national investment for the future.

“As environmental challenges affect the entire world, it is imperative that we make concerted efforts among all sections of society. This will help us deal with the challenges and mitigate their impact on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the transition to a green economy. The youth are the cornerstone upon which the hopes and aspirations of the country are built for a sustainable future. In the UAE, the wise leadership provides a supportive environment for youth to encourage them to be creative and innovative and motivate them to take the lead in climate action,” said Bin Salman.

Bin Salman explained that the session featured insightful discussions that promote climate action, foster innovation and creativity among young people, and inspire them to take the lead in climate action for a brighter and more sustainable future.

Aysha Alremeithi expressed her gratitude to DEWA’s senior management, who are eager to adopt and support the youth initiatives and convert them into promising programmes. With the support of the top management, DEWA’s Youth Council works to provide a motivating positive environment that helps to unleash the energies and capabilities of young people to be a major supporter of DEWA’s excellence and leadership. The Council also creates communication bridges with other youth councils across the UAE to raise awareness about the role of clean and renewable energy in achieving sustainable development.

Al Rumaithi pointed out that DEWA Youth Council’s strategy is based on five main pillars: values & national identity, continued education, professional development, future accelerators & innovation and sustainability.

The young people participating in the session praised DEWA’s efforts and the Youth Council in sustainability and the eagerness of the top management to actively involve the youth in achieving the sustainable development goals.

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