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Dubai Municipality and American University of Sharjah launch ‘Careers of the Future’ initiative

Dubai, UAE, 22 September 2022

Dubai Municipality, in collaboration with the American University of Sharjah, has launched the ‘Careers of the Future’ initiative, which is aimed at sponsoring the training and development of university students as well as fostering the technical skills of its employees. The initiative was launched on the sidelines of the ‘Ru’ya Careers UAE Redefined’ fair 2022.

In coordination with the private sector, the first phase of the initiative will focus on sponsoring 45 candidates for training and development purposes, which is divided into two parts. The first part includes university students who are selected based on their fields and future required specializations at the Municipality, and the second comprising of Municipality employees, whose theoretical, practical, and field knowledge will be enhanced in various domains such as 3D printing, food safety, Artificial Intelligence, and digital data science.

The initiative is in keeping with the vision of the Emirate of Dubai as well as the Municipality’s commitment to improving human capital and their skills through extensive training and development along with early cadre preparation, It also guarantees that technologies are used in accordance with accepted standards and specifications.

Three pioneering paths

The approved career prospects are designed in accordance with the requirements of municipal work fields in Dubai, with a major emphasis on obtaining all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge. This is done by integrating theoretical and scientific approaches, offering more space for the practical side of the Municipality’s expertise, and applying knowledge acquired in collaboration with the private sector, on-site. The primary objective is to keep up with the practices used in future economies, as well as the effectiveness of scientific approaches in achieving the required future capabilities and skills.

The new specializations included in this initiative are engineering in 3D printing, the digital course, which includes Artificial Intelligence and digital data science, and food safety course in big data analysis.

The Municipality intends to leverage 3D printing to further its efforts in sustainable urban planning, create a cutting-edge building system, and develop a smart, sustainable, and advanced building industry globally. With the Artificial Intelligence Engineering course, it aims to strengthen Dubai Municipality’s position as a digitally advanced municipality that significantly contributes to the creation of an advanced digital infrastructure in the emirate. Big data analysis under the Food Safety will assist in safeguarding environmental as well as food resources, in addition to assuring a resilient food supply chain.

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