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Dubai Municipality continues to hold discussions with customers and investors in the Emirate

Dubai, UAE, September 15, 2022

Dubai Municipality has announced its launching of a series of discussions with customers and investors in the Emirate of Dubai, under the theme ‘Voice of the Customer’. These sessions will be held in the presence of H.E. Dawood Al-Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, and a group of its leaders.

The sessions are aimed at addressing major challenges faced by retailers, consumers’ goods and food trading establishments, tenants of municipal assets, individuals, business sectors, new investors, contractors, and construction consultants.

H.E. Dawood Al-Hajri said: “These sessions are a continuation of the series of meetings that we held last year as part of our communication program. Those meetings implemented all the recommendations and ideas from the customers such as investors, contractors, consultants, food merchants, and consumer institutions. With the aim to enhance customer happiness and support them to achieve their goals, we were able to improve the quality of the services offered and expand the channels of communication and coordination with them. This demonstrates Dubai Municipality’s keenness to the values of openness and transparency as well as the firm commitment to its responsibility towards society and its key partners. This comes in line with our wise leadership’s vision to consistently help and support them to overcome all the challenges they face.

H.E. Al-Hajri added: “These sessions will pave the way to strengthen our robust relationships with our partners and the members of the society. This will further help us achieve our objectives to coordinate efforts and involve customers in enhancing and improving their efficiency and services. It will also enable us to adopt a culture of continuous improvement and excellence, all of which will improve the Emirate’s global competitiveness and surge its position at the forefront of the future cities.”

Several Meetings

There will be a total of 5 sessions which kicked off with a number of retailers on Wednesday, 14 September, in the presence of H.E. Dawood Al-Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality.

The second session will be allocated to meet with consumer goods and food trade establishments.

For the third session a meeting will be held with several Municipality assets’ tenants, while the fourth will constitute a meeting with individuals, businesses, and new investors. The sessions will conclude with a final meeting with the contractors and construction consultant’s category.

Dubai Municipality is committed to providing distinctive and highly sophisticated smart services through a variety of procedures, such as guiding clients to know about the Municipality’s services and how they obtain these services with the necessary speed and quality. This could be achieved by offering a variety of quick and smart services, in addition to consistently progressing and upgrading their offerings to enhance customer satisfaction, as well as responding to the inquiries and recommendations of the customers and taking necessary actions to ensure happiness and satisfaction.

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