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Dubai Municipality intensifies monitoring efforts in residential areas in the Emirate

Dubai Municipality has intensified its field inspection campaigns to monitor breaches of guidelines in various residential areas in the Emirate of Dubai. This is a part of its efforts to ensure that residents adhere to the rules and requirements associated with singles occupants and families, as well as to strengthen its role in maintaining the comfort and safety of the residents in the emirate.

Field visits and commitment percentage

This year, the Municipality completed 19,837 field visits, which were conducted every day during the mornings and evenings, in coordination with all its partners, to take appropriate actions against the violators. As a result of this move, many of the residents have started to follow the rules and regulations in the emirate.

Reporting infringing practices

Dubai Municipality has urged all citizens to follow the rules and regulations regarding the presence of singles or multiple families in the accommodations, to ensure the safety of the emirate’s residents. The municipality also encourages citizens to take the initiative to report any violations by dialing the toll-free number 800900, as it recognizes the significance of involving community members to contribute to the achievement of the main objective of the inspection and control campaigns

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