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Dubai Municipality wins Supply Chain and Procurement Award for digital transformation

Dubai, 26 May 2022

Dubai Municipality won the first place in the Supply Chain and Procurement Award, organized by the Supply Chain Now organization, in the category of Leading Change through Digital Transformation. The Municipality’s initiative, “Change Through Digital Transformation” won the award.

The winning initiative aims to change the concept of traditional procedures to dynamic and self-access procedures using digital means. This is done by promoting the principle of proactiveness in providing services, instead of waiting for requests to arrive, and meeting the needs of organizational units based on the best and most advanced and sophisticated strategies in the field of contracts and procurement. It is reflected positively and effectively on operational efficiency and reducing costs.

The award is given in appreciation of individuals and institutions in the areas of supply chains, logistic services, procurement systems, and dedication to social responsibility and charitable work. Dubai Municipality’s winning of the award is an affirmation of its leadership in various areas of corporate excellence, as it is one of the most prominent entities that provide a unique package of services in several different sectors.

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