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EcoFlow presents DELTA Max for all your power needs

Portable power station just in time for the outdoor season

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 6th October 2022. EcoFlow, the company behind the world’s first eco-friendly portable energy storage line of products that equips you with clean, quiet, and renewable power, presents the EcoFlow DELTA Max just in time for the outdoor season. DELTA Max is designed to meet the growing interest in mobile as well as remote adventures and is a reliable and safe power source for anyone on the move.

The EcoFlow DELTA Max has a capacity of 2016Wh, which can support a family’s emergency use needs (four lights, a fan, a router, a laptop, a fridge, and charging of smartphones) for half a day. When connected with two DELTA Max Smart Extra Batteries, the capacity can go up to 6048Wh, which enables a family to comfortably survive a two-day blackout. The EcoFlow DELTA Max at its peak capacity can also support a Recreational Vehicle’s (RV) energy use (an average RV uses 20kWh electricity per day) for more than seven hours.

Even with an upgraded capacity compared to the EcoFlow DELTA (from 1260Wh to 2016Wh), the EcoFlow DELTA Max requires the same amount of time to be fully recharged – less than two hours. The EcoFlow DELTA Max can be charged at 1800W through standard AC outlets.

The battery also supports dual charging — charging with an AC outlet and two 400W Solar Panels simultaneously, which levels up the charging input to a 2600W. This input enables the EcoFlow DELTA Max and a Smart Extra Battery to be fully recharged from 0% to 100% in 2.3 hours, which is two times faster compared to similar products on the market.

With a 2400W AC output, the EcoFlow DELTA Max can power 99% appliances, including electric kettles, air conditioners, steam irons, and electric clothes dryers. With EcoFlow’s patented X-Boost technology, the EcoFlow DELTA Max can even power some 3400W devices, leading all competitors with the same capacity level.

Additional upgrades for the EcoFlow DELTA Max include more efficient solar charging, enhanced ability to control and monitor the device via the EcoFlow App, and the battery exterior is designed for more reliability and durability.

DELTA Max connects with up to 2x 400W EcoFlow solar panels to deliver 800W Max solar charging speeds. The EcoFlow solar panels can convert sunlight into clean, renewable energy using 400W portable solar panels, perfect for camping, recreational vehicles, and home use.

The solar panels are portable and lightweight. With an input of 400W, these are one of the most powerful foldable solar panels on the market. Weighing only 12.5 kg, the lightweight design and built-in shoulder strap makes it ideal for outdoor adventurers. The protective case conveniently turns into a stand that adjusts from 40-90° allowing the solar panels to capture the most rays.

By using the universally recognized MC4 connector, the solar panels are compatible with all EcoFlow DELTA Series portable power stations and many other third-party generators too.

EcoFlow is currently looking for dealers across the Middle East. For further information, please contact sales.rest@ecoflow.com or visit EcoFlow’s website.  


About EcoFlow
EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 100 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories. EcoFlow’s mission is to reinvent the way the world accesses energy by innovating lighter-weight and longer-lasting clean, quiet, and renewable power storage solutions. For further information, please visit https://www.ecoflow.com/

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