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Emerson Signs Partnership with ADPoly to Support STEM Career Opportunities

July 4, 2022 – Emerson signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Abu Dhabi Polytechnic (ADPoly), a subsidiary of the Institute of Applied Technology, and learning and technology solutions provider, Edutech, to build the local talent pool and promote the field of science, engineering, technology, and other related strands as a viable career path for local UAE nationals.

The agreement was signed by Vidya Ramnath, President of Emerson’s Automation Solutions business in Middle East and Africa, and Dr. Ali Hilal Al Naqbi, ADPoly’s director, in the presence and partnership of Shameema Parveen, co-founder of Edutech Middle East.

“One of the pillars of Emerson’s diversity, equity, and inclusion program is developing strong partnerships with educational institutions like ADPoly and Edutech to encourage the youth and women to pursue a STEM career path. With this partnership, we hope to provide future STEM leaders the fuel they need to pursue their chosen career path with passion to reach their greatest potential. We are fortunate to collaborate with ADPoly in activating this part of our program, not only because of their excellent track record, but also because of our aligned vision in promoting fulfilling careers in STEM,” Ramnath said.

The memorandum underlines Emerson’s role in granting opportunities for ADPoly students such as internship and talent programs, academic and research support in line with Emerson’s technology and industry expertise and career mentorship.

“We believe industry-academia collaborations have the potential to truly transform technical education and instructional practices. We initiated this collaboration toward preparation of a highly skilled workforce to advance the UAE’s competitiveness and economic opportunity in response to rapid technological change and increasing global competition and to build towards UAE Vision 2021 and Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. The partnership between Emerson and ADPoly will create a well-rounded education that meets the need for skilled local workforce and a knowledgeable, engaged and career ready students,” Parveen said.

The memorandum of understanding is valid for two years from the signing and driven by a steering committee with representatives from each organization to oversee the fulfillment of the partnership.

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