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United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 9th November 2022: Perched 150m above the Arabian Gulf, Talise Spa at Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is the ultimate destination to luxuriate, relax and rejuvenate.

Bathed in natural light, the groundbreaking spa is set over two floors, with separate men’s and women’s amenities to ensure total privacy and discretion.Each experience has been carefully crafted and exclusively developed using the world’s most luxurious products. The award-winning sanctuary features separate indoor infinity pools, Jacuzzi and treatment rooms, as well as saunas, steam rooms and plunge pools. The spa also includes a squash court, and a fitness centre that offers aerobic facilities, and advanced cardiovascular and resistance training equipment.


As it continues to bring exclusive treatments, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah introduces Human-Tecar methodology, wellness rituals that naturally balance the body and its circulatory system.

Human-Tecar’s precision allows therapists to influence cellular metabolism, triggering the need for more oxygen and nutrients, and therefore, more blood flow to specific body districts to help bolster recovery. By integrating Human-Tecar with manual therapies, therapists can support the body’s natural reparative and anti-inflammatory processes to maximize its capacity for recovery, preserve and restore balance; and enhance performance.

With exclusive treatments developed for Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, this methodology uses natural essential oils, radio frequency and the healing hands of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah wellness practitioners.

Discover a new level of advanced wellbeing with treatments created exclusively for Burj Al Arab using the methodology of Human-Tecar:

  • Beauty homage 90 minutes

This comprehensive skin care ritual combines the prestigious Swiss cellular science from La Prairie and the cutting-edge technology of Human-Tecar. An indulgence experience that combines a face lifting massage with radiofrequency, alleviating puffiness and inflammation caused by water retention and lack of sleep, while stimulates lax muscles for a more contoured and sculpted appearance. The red carpet favorites.

  • Detox body treatment 60 minutes

The favorite treatment of the restless travelers. Through propionic action and the healing hands of Burj Al Arab wellness practitioners. This treatment allows the body’s ions to exchange within the cellular membrane, to enable the cells to flush out toxins and waste, while oxygenating and rebalancing, creating a detoxifying effect in the body tissue. A boosted circulation allows the cells to obtain the nutrients they need to rebalance the body.

  • Anticellulite treatment 60 min

A revolutionary and result driven treatment that helps to reduce fat and the size of pre-adipocytes. Furthermore, activates the collagen, fibroblasts, and elastin. Thus, tightening and softening the skin.

  • Heavy Legs 90 minutes

The check in MUST-HAVE treatment. After being sitting for a long time can lead to poor circulation and swollen feet and legs. A hand massage that will treat the root of the problem that cause the inflammation. Focusing on the leg and feet to rearrange the connective tissues and muscle relieving the tension around the areas and ease the elimination of excess water from the tissue. The post- check in MUST-HAVE treatment.

  • Mind & Body Reset 90 minutes

Improve your performance and decrease downtime after a heavy workout session with our specialized sport massage using the healing hands of our wellness practitioners merged with cutting edge radiofrequency. With this massage we will dissolve tight knots to normalize muscle fibers, at the same time decreases muscle pain, gradually improving your range of motion.

  • Burj Al Arab Renaissance 120 minutes

Retreat into an opulent, detoxifying ritual of heat and pure scent for an intense therapeutic transformation. A wellness trademark of BAA that involves a purifying steam bath followed by a lymphatic massage with radiofrequency to activate the metabolism of the biological tissue, stimulating blood flow and lymphatic circulation to achieve a flawless anti-aging effect at the same time as maximizing the body’s ability to regain, maintain and restore is balance.

Leg School

Taking wellness to the next level, the ultimate destination for relaxation and rejuvenation is the first and only location in the Middle East – and second worldwide after the luxurious Capri Palace Jumeirah – to offer guests the exclusive Leg School®. Known throughout the world for its excellence in the prevention and cure of cellulite, water retention and all vascular problems in the legs, the unique programme has been developed over several years of practice and research to help improve blood circulation of the lower limbs. The methodology, formulated and patented by Professor Francesco Canonaco, consists of the application of rich active substances and vaso-active elements, which produce a bio-stimulation on the outer and innermost layers of skin increasing elasticity and preventing stretch marks.

The programme has seen remarkable success at Capri Beauty Farm, the unique wellness destination within Capri Palace Jumeirah where Dr. Canonaco is the Medical Director. Guests have witnessed extraordinary results after just a single treatment and reported glowingly healthy and beautiful looking legs after several consecutive sessions.





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