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Fine Hygienic Holding taps commercetools to launch modern customer experiences for the Middle Eastern and global markets

October 25, 2022,

commercetools, the leading provider of headless commerce, today announced that Fine Hygienic Holding launched its new eCommerce website for Motiva Supplements using commercetools Composable Commerce to enable a customizable, scalable commerce infrastructure and to translate evolving consumer preferences into revenue. The ability to quickly adapt and responsibly scale is critical to a business’s growth. Powered by commercetools, Fine Hygienic Holding will be able to modernize the customer experience with features that include advanced search and research capabilities, secure checkout, increased site speed, and improved communication from order to delivery.

“Consumer purchasing habits are changing all over the world, especially in the Middle East. In fact, eCommerce sales in Dubai are expected to rise 23% to US$27 billion in 2022. People want the option to shop in a physical store, online, or through the channel of their choosing. It’s really the coming of omnichannel,” said Yahyah Pandor, Chief Information and Digital Officer at Fine Hygienic Holding. “This shift is pushing businesses to rebuild their digital consumer channels, and here at Fine Hygenic Holding, we strive to continue leading on the digital front. We want to give our customers the easiest and most convenient shopping experience through our new site and through any device or platform they choose. We want this to be a consumer-driven process, and commercetools gives us the technology to enable this.”

The Middle East is one of the fastest growing eCommerce markets, and analysts have predicted it will double to $50 billion per year by 2025. Helping Fine Hygenic Holding capture a larger share of this market by meeting the evolving needs of customers and distribution partners, commercetools’ MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless)-based technology enables the wellness group to increase its overall volume and speed to serve through increased agility and integration. In just six months, Fine Hygenic Holding was able to launch the new site for Motiva Supplements and begin delivering these modern customer experiences with record speed.

“A composable approach to commerce enables agility, innovation, and speed to market while simplifying delivery and reducing total cost of ownership,” said Tom Fischer, Senior Director of Sales at commercetools. “We are delighted that Fine Hygienic Holding has chosen commercetools as a key partner in its transition to MACH, both for its Motiva product line and its broader digital strategy.”

As the leading pioneer of the modern MACH movement, commercetools enables the digital commerce experiences for many notable brands worldwide, including selfologi, Alghanim Industries, and Trolley in the Middle Eastern region. Providing powerful, flexible, and scalable solutions, commercetools helps brands future-proof their commerce architectures for emerging digital experiences, ensuring businesses can always provide the experiences their customers are looking for.

To learn more about commercetools, its MACH-based principles, and how it is helping businesses, like Fine Hygienic Holding, please visit www.commercetools.com.

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