December 1, 2023

Give your girls the gift of health this Valentine’s Day

PlastFree Encourages Parents to Outline the Importance of Plastic-Free Sanitary Napkins for Their Daughters

For so long, Valentine’s Day has been about gifting flowers and chocolates. But this year, celebrate Valentine’s Day differently.

PlastFree – a plastic-free sanitary napkin brand is encouraging parents to introduce their daughters to sustainable living and health.

The company has curated a special competition that aims to outline the importance of using plastic -ree sanitary napkins for girls.

To participate in the competition, mothers are fathers are expected to write a short note on the brand’s Instagram page suggesting the importance of plastic-free sanitary napkins.

The 3 best entries get a chance to win a gift hamper from PlastFree, consisting of their best-selling sanitary pads, whereas the most unique and creative entry will also get a chance to win a Sustainable Personal Care Goodie Bag which will comprise of Organic skin and hair care products worth AED200.

“This Valentine’s Day, we want to ensure parents have access to sustainable health for their girls. The competition is an effort to explain the ill-effects plastic can have on health, and to help parents start a conversation with their girls early. We are confident that this will not only help parents underline the benefits of going plastic-free, but also open up avenues to a positive menstruation journey,” said Rika Bothra, co-owner and marketing director, Plastfree Middle East FZE.

Use of conventional, disposable sanitary products is harming the environment. Most sanitary pads contain up to 90 percent plastic, while tampons have plastic applicators and sometimes come in individual plastic wrappers.

The production of plastic and improper disposal of these products is also causing increased pollution and filling up landfills.

“Plastic does more harm than good to our bodies and the environment. It is time we realise this and cut-off plastic from our lives. Initiatives as these are an effort to increase access to a product that most think of as expensive, and to strip away the shame surrounding a natural bodily function that has long been stigmatized. I am pleased that I have the chance to associate with PlastFree in their journey to sustainable living, which is in line with my ethos and values. Together, we will be the change we want to see in the public,” said RJ Mansi – who has joined PlastFree as the new Brand Ambassador.

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