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Take your fitness tracking game up a notch (or two) with the WHOOP 4.0! Combining cutting-edge technology with high-end performance fabrics, WHOOP 4.0 is a standout option for people who take their health and workouts seriously.

The device features advanced technology that can better track fitness metrics and take the guesswork out of training for good. Not just that, the digital fitness and health coach provides actionable sleep, recovery & training insights in real-time.

The WHOOP 4.0 gives users unrivaled, in-depth data and analysis about your health and is a fantastic fitness tracker for people who want to optimize their exercise and recovery routines drastically. It monitors everything from your recovery, sleep, training, and health, and even offers personalized recommendations. The most advanced wearable is built with a new sensor array and algorithms for greater accuracy and designed with new features to optimize human performance.

WHOOP 4.0 features:

  • A much smaller, more comfortable design
  • 4X the number of photodiode sensors for more accurate heart rate data
  • Increased number of LEDs for better accuracy across more skin types.
  • New sensors which track Blood Oxygen and Skin Temperature
  • Improved battery charging and a water-resistant battery charger 
  • New ability to be worn within WHOOP clothing instead of on the wrist

Order yours today and receive a free band and annual WHOOP membership through Wellx. You can also get a health insurance plan from Wellx tagged to your WHOOP that will enable you to earn rewards and cashback upon completion of health and wellness goals.

Shop here: https://www.wellxai.com/product/superknit-band

Price: AED 1,140

Delivery timeline: 24-48 hours

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