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Global Indian International School (GIIS) Students Clean Up The Beach To Raise Awareness on Littering And Waste Disposal

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 19th September 2022: Students from Global Indian International School (GIIS) carried out a beach clean-up in Jumeirah Beach on Wednesday, 14th September. As part of the sustainability plan GIIS Dubai set out on this mission to clean the neighborhood. The team of DULSCO, the waste management partner, in collaboration with Dubai municipality hosted the venture of ‘Cleanup Beaches’.

The team from DULSCO started out by briefing the students about the beach clean-up. A group of 20 student volunteers enthusiastically collected trash around the beach to help send a message on littering and the importance of waste reduction. GIIS is committed to teaching its students about the importance of protecting the environment and preserving the planet for future generations.

“It’s important for everyone to do their part in reducing waste and keeping our beaches clean,” said one student. “We hope that by doing this activity, we can inspire others to be more conscious about their littering habits and do their part in helping the environment,” added another.

The beach clean-up inspired students to discuss the importance of responsible waste disposal. Hopefully, with more awareness and education on the issue, we can all work together to keep our beaches clean and reduce littering in public areas.

Speaking about the activity, Mr. Antony Koshy, Principal, GIIS Dubai, stated “We are very proud of our students for taking part in this activity and helping spread the message about the importance of waste disposal. We hope that through activities like this, we can make a difference in the ecosystem.”

The beach clean-up activity is one of the many initiatives undertaken by GIIS students to promote environmental awareness. With increasing levels of pollution and wasteful habits, it’s important that we all do our part to help reduce the strain on our planet. Through activities like this, GIIS students are leading the way in promoting sustainable living and environmental responsibility.

Please visit – https://dubai.globalindianschool.org/

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