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Hedge & Sachs launch ‘InvestHER’ to enable working women reach their financial goals

December 2022, DUBAI, UAE

Hedge & Sachs, an asset management and consultancy firm, has introduced ‘InvestHER’, a femicentric financial service product catered towards enabling, coaching, and offering multifaceted investment solutions to urban working women. InvestHER enables women that are looking to grow their wealth portfolio, allowing for more female-driven investments, and achieving their financial goals.

The UAE’s first women-focused investment product has been designed with the aim to empower women with the market know-how and compound your wealth by way of investments. Women can benefit greatly from the newly launched service by developing their existing assets, growing their wealth portfolio, making more informed investment choices, and achieving financial autonomy.

Women signing up for this product, InvestHer, can avail a 30-min free consultation with an investment expert that will provide them with a personalized investment portfolio and strategy. Moreover, strategies provided as part of the service allow for safe investments resulting in assured monthly returns with minimum risk exposure. For women that are already in turbulent financial predicaments, the financial product provides liability management advice and strategies to help bring their finances back on track. In addition to this, women looking to learn more about the financial market can engage in 1-on-1 weekly mentoring sessions virtually as well as attend an in-person group monthly coaching class, that will provide them with the necessary knowledge & skills to make astute financial decisions when investing.

According to a recent study by Transamerica Retirement*, 54% of women intend to work after the age of 65, most cite this is due to not being financially secure. The study also highlights that only 12% of women are “very confident” that they will be able to retire with a comfortable life. Additionally, a global survey conducted by eToro** in 2022, highlights that out of 9,500 female investors, 48% of women felt like they were new to the market. InvestHER is designed to combat factors that pose a hindrance to a women’s financial growth by cultivating their wealth portfolio through safe investments and advice that will support their goals and enable them to have a financially secure future.

For women looking to take their first steps towards securing their future, Hedge & Sachs offers:

  • A 30-min free consultation with an investment expert
  • A tailored investment portfolio and strategy
  • Assured monthly returns with minimum risks
  • Hassle-free portfolio management
  • Liability Management
  • 1-on-1 Virtual Weekly Mentoring Sessions
  • Group Monthly Coaching

The service has been introduced to combat the challenges that women face when investing today, through personalised investment strategies provided by Hedge & Sachs. The firm offers a plethora of investment-based schematics for safer investments and asset development, to ensure ease of mind when women venture into the investment market.

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