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Holistic Healing (Ayurveda) – A touch of love and care for babies

A gentle hug, a loving caress and peck on the cheek; these may sound like just ways of expressing love for your baby; but, the importance and benefits of touch in an infant’s life are worth noting.

It is no secret that physical touch in the form of hugs work wonders in lowering stress hormones and boosting the feel-good endorphins that keep you cheerful and happy. Apart from the essential mother-child bond that develops and strengthens through touch; it is important to note that babies who do not receive adequate positive touch can experience anxiety, depression and even developmental delays. Such is the importance of touch that heals.

It is pretty clear that a nurturing touch is good for all us. Particularly in babies, it

  • Promotes healthy and nourished skin
  • Helps in sound sleep
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Helps in digestion and bowel movement
  • Strengthens immune system

Also, the benefits of a holistic and healing touch in babies go beyond mere physical aspects of their growth. A gentle massage with essential oils helps in the expulsion of toxins and elevates the feel good factor in babies. In addition to this, fine-tuning of motor skills and a strong immune system are just some of the benefits your baby will cherish.

Caring for new-born as well as in their infancy can be challenging for parents. Right from the baby’s skin to physical features; almost everything is delicate and needs gentle care. To keep the young one unexposed from chemically loaded products, Ayurveda provides holistic approach to boost immunity and overall health.

Ayurveda provides the most holistic approach to nurture and care for babies. Take a look at these 5 simple tips and benefits…

  1. Massage: Using herb infused oils for baby massage can prove extremely beneficial for baby’s skin as well as bone growth. A gentle massage with lukewarm oil ensures optimum penetration and benefits of the massage therapy. It also keeps the skin supple and nourished.
  1. Bath: Bathing your little one can be a sublime experience and this daily routine also proves beneficial for the baby. Gentle cleansing strokes with natural cleansing agents ensure cleaning with care. The soothing gushes of warm water complemented with tender and caring touch gives your baby a holistic experience to start the day. A rejuvenating bath helps them relax and also encourages sound sleep.
  1. Stress buster: Who would imagine that a tiny little being who’s new to the world can experience stress? But it’s true! Babies are on a constant tryst to adjust themselves in the new world outside their mother’s womb. In order to make them feel relaxed and loved, a positive and nurturing touch does the trick.
  1. Healthy weight gain: Steady and constant weight gain is of utmost importance for a healthy developmental phase in babies. Infants that are well nurtured and cajoled with care show signs of healthy weight gain and are usually on the right growth track.
  1. Regulating sleep patterns: Sleep plays an important role in every child’s development. Sound and required sleep hours facilitates healthy growth. Infants blessed with a holistic and positively nurturing environment sleep better, are less cranky and usually achieve their milestones on time.

To sum up, a holistic approach towards the nurturing of babies (the Ayurveda way) protects them and supports their healthy growth.

Jayalakshmi Jayaraj

Medical Director

Ayur Mandala Ayurveda Center

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