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Horse guided self-mastery: Drop the masks to discover who you truly are

In a unique new method of human development coaching, Monica Kubik, a German national who has been living in Dubai since 2006, offers private and corporate sessions in Horse guided Empowerment®.

By observing the reactions of the horses around her clients and vice versa, she can help them uncover what is hidden “behind the mask” which we often put up in social settings.

A deep and profound experience, these trainings offer insights into self-awareness, collaboration and leadership in a way no other learning experience can.

“Having been around horses for over 30 years, I have constantly experienced how much horses can help us tap into the deep recesses of our minds and emotions so that every interaction within ourselves and the outside world becomes a conscious one”, says Monica Kubik.

What we learn from the Horse guided Empowerment® course is the value and power of authenticity where we realize very quickly that if we don’t instantly drop the masks that we tend to project in most of our communications, it is literally impossible to have any kind of interaction with a horse.

Within split seconds of a human approaching her, the horse evaluates our intentions, wondering if she needs to escape from this predator. She notices the speed at which we approach, our posture and the depth of our breath.

She observes how a group of people interact with each other and senses their emotions – most clients are equally a little bit nervous as it is their first time approaching a free roaming herd of horses – no prior horse experience is needed to participate in the sessions.

What the horse is not bothered about are the masks on the people’s faces nor the words they use – she relies purely on all the subtle signs which humans often send out unconsciously.

This is the gist of this unique method of self-development where during each session clients learn to further shed their masks, embrace their authenticity, lead with integrity while allowing themselves and others the freedom to truly express themselves in their own way.

Do you dare to “take off” your mask? Make use of the beautiful weather and book a safe outdoor session to find out more about yourself and your colleagues. Sessions are held on request in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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