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How investment in AI, robotics will impact ME economies

While most organisations are looking to adapt their businesses in the light of the ‘digital’ tsunami, the technologies that have seen the highest levels of adoption and interest are undoubtedly Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Even though there are others in the realm of emerging technologies, AI and RPA seem to grab most of the headlines largely due to nature of impact they tend to have on organisational efficiencies and customer experience.

While Robotic Process automation focuses on imitating human interaction by automating repetitive and non-value adding tasks, AI looks to mimic human intelligence through unsupervised learning and cognitive capabilities. We experience these technologies every day – whether it is the ‘captcha’ (to prevent bots from executing transactions) or Siri or Uber estimating your fare as you confirm your booking or social media recommendations for a probable ‘friend’ or what should you ‘binge watch’ next based on your past online activities.

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