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Juan Welcomes Al Fresco Season with a Sensational New Menu and Terrace Reopening 

Juan; An authentic Latin-Asian fusion restaurant launched this year, welcomes the al fresco season with its terrace reopening and an immersive new menu filled with the bold and exotic flavours of Nikkei and Chifa cuisine. Situated in Galleria Mall, Al Wasl, the vibrant new concept offers a tantalising mix of authentic Peruvian ingredients moulded by Japanese techniques, promising guests a journey of exotic flavours.     

The name ‘Juan’ is a Chinese and Latin name representing the link between both cultures from which these cuisines emerged, dating back to the 19th century when the people of China and Japan immigrated to Peru and used traditional cooking techniques with local ingredients. Having settled in a foreign land, the non-natives practised their own culture and cooking methods, thus creating various synthesised cuisines. 

The brand’s two main cuisines are Chifa and Nikkei. Chifa represents the fusion of Cantonese elements with Peruvian ingredients while Nikkei moulds Peruvian ingredients with Japanese techniques.  

With a rich history of Latin and Asian culture, Juan’s foundation emerged with a dining experience of authentic flavours and endemic specialties. At the helm of Juan’s unique culinary direction is Chef patron and partner John Evans Ravenna, who has carefully curated a new menu that is authentic and alluring in equal measure. With Chef John’s immense experience in the culinary scene including owning Barra Lima Restaurant in Peru which has been awarded by World 50 Best in San Pellegrino, he has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants on different continents. Juan’s menu is expected to be nothing but exceptional and with a lot of surprises. 

The menu starts off with some new elevated Piqueos ‘appetizers’ such as Batayaki Gyoza, Bomba Prawns, and Guacamole Bombon made with avocado textured bombon and green leche de tigre sauce, tomato powder, and homemade baked quinoa leaves, to name a few. The new menu also includes a selection of premium sushi, raw, and fried appetizers to satisfy your cravings. The wide variety of mains include Chifa Oyster Beef, Yellow Chill Cazuela, Sirloin de Juan and Tallarin Saltado made with spaghettini noodles, capsicum, corn, and oyster sauce.  

To end the culinary journey on a sweet note, guests can indulge in some Amazonian Peruvian Chocolate, Crema Volteada, Lucuma Fondant, and Mini Fondant. Each ingredient is carefully sourced from both afar and the locality, offering diners a premium dining experience that guarantees quality with every bite. 

Juan’s interiors pay homage to the authenticity of Chifa and Nikkei cuisines.  A visit to Juan is a journey into the continent of South America; where guests will encounter a coastal blend of Polynesian patterns with soft timber textures, woven colonial furniture, bodega bric-a-brac elements, and greenery. The spacious outdoor terrace is an extension of this immersive journey, where comfortable seating and leafy foliage creates an other-worldly atmosphere where guests are transported to Latin America. The outdoor terrace boasts seating for 32 guests while the indoor area has capacity to seat another 32 guests.  

Perfect for friends and families alike for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Juan promises to take diners on a flavourful adventure through Latin Asian cuisine with every bite where the legend of Juan is brought to life through delectable dishes created with passion. 

Guests can make reservations by mailing reservations@juanuae.com or by calling +971 55 9959579.  

Monday to Thursday – 12:00PM to 12:00 AM 

Fridays – 12:00 PM to 1:00AM 

Saturdays – 9:00 AM to 1 AM 

Sundays – 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM 

Juan is located in Galleria Mall on Al Wasl Road in Dubai. 

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