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KnowTalks 2022 explores ‘Prospects for Incubating Systems for Startups’ and ‘Flattening the Organizational Hierarchy’

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) organized two panel discussions as part of the KnowTalks 2022, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as the knowledge partner. These sessions were held during MBRF’s participation at the third day of the Frankfurt International Book Fair 2022, being held in Frankfurt, Germany from October 19 to 23, 2022, under the theme ‘Words Connect Worlds’, with over 7500 exhibitors from 100 countries around the world participating in the event.

Prospects for Incubating Systems for Startups: Governments’ Experiences

The first session, titled ‘Prospects for Incubating Systems for Startups: Governments’ Experiences’, saw the participation of Philipp Kövener, Director of Trend and Innovation Scouting at Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI), and Stephanie Boustani, Program Analyst at UNDP.

Kövener highlighted the German experience in supporting and fostering startups and reinforce their role in contributing to the economic development and advancement of innovative capabilities.

Kövener explained that the German economic system is diverse in nature and is not centralized like other countries, which provides a fostering ground for startups. He added that the European Union elected Berlin as the first destination for startups, considering the diversity and range of the German economic system.

Kövener emphasized that there have been recorded investments in German companies in 2021, and the government further seeks support in promoting startups to help them succeed. He further added that German universities comprise over 15 per cent of direct supporters of startups.

He also stated that the diversity of the German economy has helped in the integration of SMEs, reaching 1,100 initiatives that offer specialized programs for female entrepreneurs which support them in their startup projects, further motivating them to be successful in the German economy.

Furthermore, Kövener highlighted new innovative ideas and technologies in Germany enabling quicker launches for startups than anywhere else in the world. He said that the German government aims at facilitating seamless procedures for establishing startups, which will help in the quick launching of their operations.

Flattening the Organizational Hierarchy

During the second session titled ‘Flattening the Organizational Hierarchy’ Stephanie Barnes, Chief Chaos Organizer at Entelechy, spoke about the concept of knowledge, which is the essential component of human growth, and the evolution of knowledge since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Barnes emphasized the necessity of training in the arts of knowledge to develop awareness and learn from mistakes. She stated that the creativity of an individual is unique and differs from artificial intelligence, despite the complex processes that it can address and solve. She added the ability of a person to communicate is distinctive and helps in adapting cognitive abilities that will help them advance and develop.

She further highlighted that radical knowledge contributes to building trust and overcoming challenges put forth by the traditional methods of knowledge transfer. Additionally, she stated that learning through experience and failure is enhanced by technology, as it is one of key components that contributes to knowledge creation.

MBRF’s participation at the Frankfurt International Book Fair has been successful, with a busy and varied schedule, with over 4000 events, panel discussions, and seminars hosting the most notable writers and figures in the publishing industry.

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