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Ladybird Nursery Celebrates Dubai Fitness Challenge, Highlights Positive Impact of Physical Exercise on Young Learners

Dubai, UAE – December 2022: Ladybird Nursery, the Dubai-based Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)-curriculum-based nursery group, participated in the 2022 Dubai 30×30 Fitness Challenge in November 2022 across its three campuses in Jumeirah, JVC and Al Barsha. It also welcomed parents, teachers and early learners to an exciting month filled with physical activities and community-based fitness challenges.

The Montessori-driven nurseries used the annual Dubai Fitness Challenge to creatively highlight the positive impact of physical exercise on children’s mental health, communications skills, personal, social and emotional development.

The early learners participated in exciting challenges, including obstacle courses, ball games, cosmic yoga, and egg and spoon, beanbag and bike races. Across the three campuses, 100 parentsalso participated in weekly outdoor challenges with their children as part of the nursery’s bespoke physical education programme – KidzFit – inspired by Dubai’s Crown Prince, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Monica Valrani, Montessori Directress and CEO of Ladybird Nursery says, “The applications of physical exercise have a resounding impact on our children’s mental, emotional health and social and communication skills. At Ladybird Nursery, we want our children to take life’s challenges to the best of their abilities, which is why we’ve created an age-appropriate programme to instill the importance of fitness in our children.”

Ladybird Nursery also encourages parents to schedule a daily fitness routine for their little ones. Early learners between 2 – 3 years of age should engage in a minimum of 60 minutes worth of exercises, while children between the ages of 3 – 5 years can engage in up to three hours of physical activity a day. Partaking in regular exercises not only builds endurance and strong physicality in children, but also instills a healthier lifestyle.

Activities such as running, skipping and climbing refine motor skills including balance, flexibility, agility and hand-eye coordination. Spending time outdoors also exposes early learners to natural Vitamin D, which aids in developing a strong immune system and building strong bones and muscle growth. This plays a vital role in establishing a healthy sleep cycle too; however, parents should be conscious as too much exposure to the sun can be harmful. 30 minutes of direct sunlight up to two or three times a week should be sufficient for the body to absorb appropriate levels of Vitamin D.

Playdates involving physical activities have a direct impact on early learners’ social and communication skills. This process fosters the values of healthy competition in the little champions and encourages them to take positive risks at their own pace. Children develop stronger self-awareness, a sense of independence, and confidence in their capabilities as they watch and learn from their peers in a group setting. Interacting with other children supports early learners to express their feelings and emotions in a safe space, and cultivates relationship-building skills for later stages in life.

A driving force behind the community challenges, Louisa McCormack, Principal of Ladybird Nursery Al Barsha concludes, “The fitness challenge is a brilliant initiative by High Highness, the Crown Prince of Dubai, and a great opportunity for parents to engage with their children. Exercising plays a vital role in the development of the whole child and we encourage parents across the UAE to incorporate these physical activities into daily life, to foster a healthy mindset and lifestyle in their children.”

For more information on Ladybird Nursery, please visit: https://ladybirdnursery.ae/ 

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