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Leading Canadian Electric Boat Engines Manufacturer ACEL Power Inc Eyes Entry to Dubai

ACEL Power Inc, a Canadian global leader in the manufacturing of electric outboard motors, that is electrifying the world’s boats, announces its plans of entering the Dubai market and the Middle East. The company aims to establish a presence in Dubai, for its thriving boating culture, advanced marine facilities, and the city’s well known encouraging culture of innovation adoption and drive for the creation of a sustainable future.

Priced 10% less than conventional gas-powered boat engines, ACEL Power Inc aims to lead the electric marine revolution through its clean and sustainable boating solutions. The ACEL ecosystem patented technologies will provide many benefits to boating OEM manufacturers and enthusiasts such as 30% better performance, 30% overall cost reduction, zero emissions, maximum range on the water, plus the ease of rapid charging and seamless customizability of battery packaging.

ACEL’s plans to enter the Middle East market through Dubai can be attributed to the region’s status as one of the leading international leisure destinations. The region accounts for 12% of the world’s superyachts. Besides, developmental strategies adopted by various local and federal governments in Dubai and the UAE are set to drive the growth of leisure boating and marine infrastructure development exponentially over the coming years.

One such example is the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030 that aims to develop Dubai as a global platform and destination of choice for international companies seeking growth and sustainability. The strategy seeks to capitalize on promising opportunities through the localization of manufacturing capabilities in certain maritime sub-industries and Dubai is expected to expand its boats and yachts manufacturing activities to meet the domestic and regional demand. Yet another factor driving the industry’s growth in the UAE is the waterfront development of residential properties, which is spiking the demand for private boats and yachts.

Against this backdrop, ACEL’s clean and sustainable offerings cater to the growing demand in line with Dubai’s efforts to drive sustainability – further strengthening the partnership and enhancing its effectiveness. ACEL’s offerings are designed to provide an unparalleled boating experience that is noiseless, odourless, and emission-free, and maintains the highest standards of quality in the industry.

Dr. Nawfal Al Jourani, Regional CEO of Middle East at ACEL Power Inc, stated: “Dubai is a dynamic innovation and marine tourism hub, which strengthens its position as one of the leading maritime markets. The UAE, and Dubai, serve as an incubator for emerging and pioneering technologies and solutions in various fields that have the potential to contribute to sustainable development. These two factors, combined with Dubai’s focus on promoting sustainability across industries in line with the UAE’s Net Zero by 2050 strategy, are what makes Dubai the ideal launch pad for ACEL’s cutting-edge electric technology for boating in the region.”

ACEL Power Inc will be attending the Dubai International Boat Show 2022, set to be held between 9 and 13 March 2022, and will take the opportunity to meet first-hand and discuss with the main players and decision makers in the Middle East regarding the technology on how to implement clean technologies and use electric motors in boats. As the pressure continues to mount on all industries to lower their emissions, maritime companies are increasingly exploring alternatives to reduce their carbon footprint. Electrification can help the boating industry achieve significant reductions in their CO2 emissions and pave the way for marine decarbonisation.

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