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LEAMS Education commemorates UAE Flag Day with colourful celebrations

Date: Dubai, November 3, 2022

LEAMS Education, which operates 4 schools with over 8200 students in the UAE, put on a colourful display to mark the all-important UAE Flag Day which was commemorated by the citizens and residents alike, for the 10th time on the 3rd of November this year.

LEAMS Education, established in the UAE more than 4 decades ago, is an educational management company that prioritises high quality education with the help of competitive intelligence.

The event titled ‘UAE Flag Day’, which is held to celebrate the accession of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan as President of the UAE in 2004, was first marked back in 2013.

The “Flag Day” represents renewal of allegiance to the leadership of the UAE and affirmation of belonging to this beloved nation, and the students representing the 4 schools of LEAMS Education turned up in numbers clad in the national flag colours of Red, Green, White and Black and held a number of events to mark the occasion.

Students part of the Apple International School, The Apple International Community School, The Oxford School and The Indian Academy, all operating under the management of LEAMS Education put on a festive display with colourful parades and shows organised to delight the students, parents and well-wishers in attendance.

The UAE national anthem was sung with a lot of pride and the National Flag was hoisted at 11am at all

4 schools with the event being marked with a number of activities and engaging shows to raise awareness of the Emirati culture and its history.

A march-past, singing of traditional songs, cultural dance shows and educational sessions to understand the significance of the UAE flag colours and the country’s history starting from the Pearl Trade was held for the students of the 4 schools of LEAMS Education.

Dr. Mohammed Lahir, Director of LEAMS Education stated. “Our Emirati students and other resident students have come together to celebrate the flag day of this great nation we all call home. We have joined hands to hoist the UAE national flag, which we call as our nation’s symbol of pride and unity. Seeing our students join together for this great occasion to learn more about the Emirati culture and its destiny reassures me that our future is in great hands.’’

The occasion marks an important day in the UAE calendar as the flag, designed back in 1971 and its colours hold a special place in Emirati culture; Red for courage, Green for hope, White for peace and honesty and Black for strength of mind.

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