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Lessons of resilience in business from an elderly friend

Entrepreneurs may not have all the answers but mentally accepting challenges builds their resilience

Last year, an 80-year-old friend of mine broke her hip and an arm when she slipped over a wet floor in her house. Given her underlying health conditions and age, the prognosis was not good and the doctors told her she may never walk again and would require assistance even for her personal daily tasks. I remember visiting her at the hospital, feeling sad that such an energetic spirit, with love for travel and making friends, would be bed-ridden for a long period. But contrary to how I felt, her spirits were high and she was determined to take back control of her life and her personal affairs.

Today, against all the odds, my friend has recovered well. Through her sheer determination, she doesn’t need personal assistance anymore. When I spoke with her a few weeks ago, I asked her whether she was worried about the Covid-19 crisis and the rising number of infections. As a responsible member of the society, she said she has been careful, but she wasn’t afraid as she has seen far worse in her long years.

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