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Liht Up Your World With Liht Organics

Move over mineral makeup, trending in the world of natural cosmetics is high-performance organic makeup that boasts professional textures and finishes, and the best part is that it improves skin with regular use. You’ll find all this and more in organic and natural cosmetics line – Liht Organics.

Liht Organics, a premium organic beauty brand recently made its debut in the UAE’s beauty sector, making it the first organic makeup brand to enter the market. Formulated in the USA, Liht products are celebrated for being organic, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and completely safe – free of nanoparticles and harmful chemicals.

Founded by Nerissa Low, Liht (Living In Her Time) is all about empowering a woman to live fully in her light, by her rules, in her own time. She believes every woman should be authentic to her true self and embody all her best qualities. And with beauty products, this is no exception.

The move for her to go organic years ago was a personal one. “I used to have really bad acne and had to be on Oratane and have my pimples injected with steroids every month. My skin cleared up only after I made the switch to go organic. After seeing how it worked for me, I wanted to look for organic makeup too, but couldn’t find authentic, quality ones. That’s why I decided to start my own,” she explains.

In a market that is increasingly saturated by the entrance of new players and introduction of novel products, what sets Liht apart is their focus on quality and emphasis on beneficial organic ingredients. Liht products improve skin health with regular use, debunking myths that makeup is bad for your skin. Motivated by this vision, Liht has a strict criteria for their formulations to be 100% natural with a high percentage of organic ingredients – up to 90%. Riding high on the increase in demand for all-natural and safe products; Liht has a unique position in the UAE cosmetics market; which is expected to perform over 4% CAGR until 2024.

Commenting on Liht’s foray into the Middle East, Ms. Low said; “We are grateful and honoured to be the first organic makeup brand to launch in the Middle East. This is the perfect market for us because Middle Eastern consumers appreciate quality products and see the value in investing in their skin and health. From a brand perspective we are happy to be launching at a time when the society is experiencing a shift in cultural dynamics and women are now embracing new levels of freedom and empowerment.”

Liht Organics is currently available across 22 new Lulu BLSH stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and is en route to 60 stores within its first year including launches in Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Their extensive product portfolio is also available on their e-commerce portal https://www.lihtorganics.com/

“My vision for Liht is to be the leading organic makeup brand not just in Middle East, but globally, and to inspire women to make conscious choices in health and beauty –  and thus contribute to the movement of making the world a better place, one woman at a time”, concluded Ms. Low.


About Liht Organics:

Officially launched in March 2019, Liht (pronounced as light) Organics was founded by Nerissa Low and promises award-winning organic makeup that is not just safe and benefical for your skin and body, and can also heal and improve your complexion with regular use.

Liht aims to provide a luxurious experience with every application. Its wide range of long-lasting, intensely pigmented, and ultra-nourishing makeup allows you to express yourself in every mood and season.

Liht also guarantees that you are investing in your long term health through the use of quality products made with a high percentage of USDA-certified organic ingredients, no nanoparticles or harmful chemicals, and are vegan and cruelty-free.

Through advocating the use of organic and natural makeup, Liht fosters a nurturing relationship with the planet. You get to look and feel healthy and beautiful, while looking after the wellbeing of our earthly home!

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