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Lithuania Food Innovations: A Ticket to UAE and Global Market

Food trade is diverse and innovative on a global scale, and country such as Lithuania has significantly reached the global market by utilizing modern technology, scientific approach, and natural growing products.

Situated in Northern Europe, where the weather is ideal for producing high-quality food on a large scale, Lithuania is indeed an oasis for organic and efficient food sourcing. The country’s natural resources create several opportunities for agricultural and food production. Lithuanian companies are using advanced technologies. These modern technologies such as freeze drying, min-till agriculture, and even 3D printing, while depending on seasonal, organic goods in producing healthy and nutritional food products.

The Minister of Agriculture of Lithuania, HE Kęstutis Navickas stated that markets around the world, including the Gulf region, highly demand nutritious, healthy, and eco-friendly goods. He also highlighted that Lithuania has everything it takes to establish a top-tier food-sourcing destination for partners that prioritizes quality, sustainability, and innovations.

Food industry of Lithuania remarkably drives economic growth. Compared to other European countries, Lithuania’s agricultural industry is twice as large. Eurostat estimates that in 2020 the sector contributed 3.7% of Lithuania’s gross domestic product and that its’ value-added increased to record levels of €1.5 billion annually.

Organic agriculture creates a diverse and innovative food trade. Lithuania has great potential for exportation. Thus, its relationship with UAE has a substantial impact on economic development. In 2021, the export of Lithuanian food production to the UAE grew by 32.8% to €8.5 million, showing that there is definite interest and potential for export of country’s high quality agricultural products.

There are various companies in Lithuania whose products are already present on the shelves of the Gulf Market and have a high potential to place the region for healthy and sustainable fast-moving consumer goods. Super Garden produces freeze-dried snacks which are healthy and an alternative to sweets which include freeze-dried cheese and berries. The AUGA group has been present in the UAE market since 2019, mainly selling ready-to-eat meals: soups, porridges, and double-steamed pulses. The volume of dairy products consumed in the GCC countries has been rising steadily, Žemaitijos pienas sells dairy products like hard cheese and ice-creams both in the local and foreign markets. WeZoop is a startup developing innovative foods aimed at meeting the nutritional needs of seniors. In addition, Startuper’s Smoothies is an innovative meal replacement drink that delivers equally in terms of health and taste, which already being sold in Ireland, Belgium, and has supply agreements with Brazil, Peru, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and other GCC countries.

Food innovation influences Lithuanian exports.  The food industry in Lithuania is booming and is always working to develop high-value goods and adopt new technology and production techniques.

Ambassador of Lithuania to the UAE, HE Ramūnas Davidonis, pointed out how Lithuania acknowledges UAE as a regional center for business and innovation. He added that as the 30th anniversary between Lithuania and the UAE commenced on the last 16th of October, the sky is the limit for taking bilateral trade to the next level, especially in the agricultural and innovational sectors.

Indeed, Lithuania has a lot to offer. The food quality is exemplary and fosters stable and reliable food for its country and its diplomatic partners. UAE supports innovative and healthy FMCGs. Hence, the country recognizes that an efficient agriculture sector creates a strong foundation of food innovations that shapes worldwide food trade.

In addition, The Embassy of Lithuania in the UAE announced that on the upcoming Abu Dhabi International Food Exhibition (ADIFE) 2022 on the 6th to 8th of December, Emirati, and other UAE residents can experience first-hand the Lithuanian products as 18 Lithuanian companies of Food and Beverages companies will be presented on the event.

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