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Lumi opens its first car showroom to sell vehicles to consumers

Riyadh, KSA; September 28, 2022: Lumi, Seera’s car rental and leasing unit, has opened its first car showroom in Riyadh to sell used vehicles to consumers. Lumi’s new offering serves to fulfil the growing demand from customers who have expressed a strong interest in purchasing vehicles from Lumi.

With a fleet of over 19,000 vehicles, Lumi ensures rental and leasing customers have access to the newest cars through its policy of selling vehicles that reach two to three years of age and replacing them with newer vehicles. Since 2016, Lumi has sold vehicles to its business customers through a bidding process. By selling directly to consumers, Lumi is expanding its offering and continuing to enhance its services to customers.

Syed Mohammed Azfar Shakeel, Vice President of Lumi, said: “The opening of our first ever car showroom is an exciting milestone for Lumi. We have already seen strong sales of our vehicles and we will expand our showrooms to serve as many customers across the Kingdom as possible. We continue to transform the automotive leasing market in Saudi Arabia with our new and enhanced products and services.”

Customers will be able to purchase vehicles from Lumi’s diverse fleet of hatchbacks, sedans, SUVS, people movers and pickup trucks. Lumi’s car showroom has been designed to enhance customer experience; each vehicle will be accompanied with comprehensive details including mileage, model year, price and a computerised vehicle inspection report. Customers will also be able to transfer vehicle ownership with Tamm authorisation at the showroom.

Lumi has sold over 2,000 vehicles this year due to strong consumer demand which is set to drive the sale of more than 5,500 vehicles in 2023.

Located in Riyadh’s Al-Qadisiyah district, Lumi’s first car showroom is easily accessible in order to enhance customer convenience. Further car showrooms are set to open in Jeddah and Dammam in the coming months.

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