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LUSH Introduces New and Upgraded Henna Bricks Range

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 2022: Twenty years after the invention of the Lush Henna Brick, LUSH HairLab Technician & Colour Specialist Daisy Evans has reformulated the cult product range to give greater coverage and the best hair dye experience! The new and improved Henna Bricks guarantee refreshed shades that offer shinier and healthier results with richer tones!

Henna is both a treatment for the hair as well as a natural colourant! So much more than just hair colour, henna delivers a natural-looking colour without the damage of synthetic hair dyes. Henna coats the cuticle in a protective, translucent layer that gives the shiniest results imaginable. The new and enhanced formulas are infused with pigmented herbs and floras which have improved the coverage the bricks give, resulting in bolder results. Now with less cocoa butter, the bricks are now easier to use and the colors attach to the hair effortlessly.

For the first time, Lush is also introducing a new shine-enhancing strawberry blonde shade to give warm, sun-kissed tones to naturally blonde, light, or white hair, the Venitien.

A shine-enhancing strawberry blonde for fair hair. Iranian henna, chamomile, rhubarb, and cassia give warm, sun-kissed tones to naturally blonde, light, or white hair.

The finest Iranian henna meets hibiscus and lemon to turn fair hair a vibrant shade of copper, or add spicy red tones to darker hair. Dazzling on its own, this brick is also an essential base shade if you want to apply Brun, Marron, or Noir to blonde, fair or twinkly grey hair. 

A warm and sophisticated chestnut brown with glints of red, made with the finest Iranian henna, indigo, and hibiscus.

A cool-toned, glossy shade of brown, courtesy of exquisite Iranian henna, indigo, coffee, and noni fruit.

Precious Iranian henna, indigo, and noni fruit combine for a lustrous shade of deep coffee brown with cool undertones.

This vegan and sustainable tint brush applies henna with precision!

Fun Fact: Every tint brush started as a bamboo shrub growing in the mountains of China.

Wrapped in 100% recycled paper packaging, Lush’s henna is vegan, self-preserving and 100% natural. The packaging design ties into elements on the bricks and features: A minimal, handmade feel, bright prints, and gold foil design, with inspiration from traditional Chinese tea brick packaging.

The LUSH Henna Bricks Range is now available across all LUSH Stores and online on mena.lush.com.

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