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Melodica Music and Dance Institute announces enrolment of 3000 students during Q3 2022

November 02, 2022

Melodica Music and Dance Institute, one of the largest music schools and dancing studios in UAE, enrolled over 3000 new students in the third quarter (Q3) of 2022, as the institute expands its footprint across the country to meet the increasing demand for education in performing arts. In line with the Ministry of Culture and Youth programme to boost the country’s cultural and creative sectors, Melodica aims at supporting talents in the country with its state-of-the-art education in performing arts, along with encouraging youth participation by creating opportunities in creative fields.

The student enrolment statistics of Q3 mark another milestone for Melodica, after the recent opening of the four new branches at City Center Al Zahia, Al Ain Mall, Silicon Central, and Dalma Mall Abu Dhabi. Melodica has been witnessing an increase in enrolments, with 20,000 new students joining the institute since 2021. 

Afshin Jafari, Founder and CEO of Melodica Music and Dance Institute, said: “The high number of enrolments in Q3 reflects our goal to offer opportunities in exploring a wide variety of music and dance genres and to encourage talents to reach for greater heights. Melodica Music and Dance Institute aims at providing an innovative space to train numerous students of all ages across the country by offering classes in piano, guitar, violin, drums, wind instruments, dance, and vocals.”

He added: “There are numerous creative industries across the globe that are intertwined and sustainable, as they depend on the passion, talent and brain of the people. Like other key sectors, it is also vital to support the creative sector as it also contributes to the nation’s overall economic growth.”

Over the years, the UAE has been making substantial efforts in expanding the creative and cultural sectors and attempts by the government have earned international support to further this need. Melodica, with branches in 18 major locations across the UAE, aims at contributing to the efforts of supporting the country’s cultural and creative sectors.

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