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Mobility Education Summit Abu Dhabi deliberates on the future of mobility

16 November 2022; Abu Dhabi, UAE: With a vision and focus on digital transformation and foreseeing the future in the field of mobility and driving education, the first Mobility Education Summit, a global initiative launched by UAE brought many pertinent topics to the forefront. Mobility experts from around the world deliberated on creating awareness of safe driving measures, reducing the number of road accidents, training in the metaverse, smart testing methods, and sustainability in mobility amongst many other subjects concerning the future of mobility.

Speaking at the summit, Mr. Khalid Al Shmeili, CEO of Emirates Driving Company said, “It’s indeed an extremely proud moment for us as the first global meet of mobility experts is taking place right here in the capital of UAE. Pioneers of driving education from different countries are imparting education and creating awareness about traffic safety, and development of related solutions and new laws that regulate and legitimize smart mobility.

Setting the pace of distinguished and sustainable training, with this first-of-its-kind event our aim is to accelerate the development of sophisticated and sustainable training techniques and promote a shift towards transportation education that is based on sustainable mobility, technology, and security.”

Establishing a direct relationship between mobility and the prosperity of nations, Associate Provost for Research at UAE University, Professor Ahmed Ali Murad said, “Mobility is an essential element for all communities and all activities. The prosperity of nations may not be fully achieved without high mobility and efficient transportation systems. In other words, high mobility reflects the quality of life and well-being. Studies indicate that increasing the travel speeds by 10 percent would increase the productivity of the city by 3% and would also increase the labor market by 15%.

On the other hand, the expanded markets would then help the expansion of business and create more jobs and opportunities. Improved mobility provides access to better jobs. Modern societies require better mobility. If people can’t move with comfort and safety, their ability to be active and productive will be limited.

However, he also emphasized that enhancement of population mobility should be achieved without increasing the adverse impacts on the environment. The recent shift towards electrification and automation, along with the recent developments in autonomous cars and transportation systems may help in this regard.  

“Through this conference, we hope to achieve more safety and higher mobility for the population of UAE. The conference is expected to address and define sustainable solutions to the safety and mobility challenges of today, including road traffic injuries, drowning and falls. It is hoped that you will be able to develop norms, standards, and tools to improve safety and mobility at the national level further stated Prof. Murad.

Furthermore, elaborating on the Smart Driving Test Project, Lt. Colonel Fahad Al-Arefi, Deputy Director of the Drivers Licensing Department, Abu Dhabi Police said, “ In line with the strategic directions of the government of the United Arab Emirates and the government of Abu Dhabi in the optimal use of human resources and the use of the latest modern technologies, the Abu Dhabi Police General Command – Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Directorate launched the Smart Driving Test Project.

This test represents a quantum leap and a pioneering initiative in evaluating the performance of applicants for obtaining a driver’s license in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The system is unique in terms of full automation of the performance of those who are about to pass the driving test, including achieving the strategic goal of road safety and life safety. The driver inspection system relies on the latest technologies used globally through the use of artificial intelligence, which ensures keeping pace with global trends in this field and evaluating drivers without the intervention of the human element. Technology contributes to re-engineering procedures and processes, which reduces time and effort on customers, raises the level of customer happiness, and achieves the government’s aspirations for providing seven-star services.”

Hosted at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from 14-16 November 2022 and organised by Emirates Driving Company in partnership with Abu Dhabi Police HQ, the European Driving Schools Association, the Department of Municipalities and Transport and the Integrated Transport Centre, Abu Dhabi, the breakthrough event targets driving schools from across the world, and looks at how they can be progressed to provide a greater level of service and education for future generations.

For more information on the Mobility Education Summit 2022, please visit: https://mobilityeducation.ae/

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