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National Institute for Health Specialties Accredits Corniche Hospital

Abu Dhabi, 16  September 2022: Dr. Mohammed Al Houqani, Secretary General of the National Institute for Health Specialties (NIHS) has awarded a certificate of institutional accreditation to Corniche Hospital. Based at the United Arab Emirates University, NIHS is the national body responsible for oversight of the professional development of the health workforce sector in the country.

At the awards ceremony, Dr. Mohammed Al-Houqani said, “NIHS is pleased to offer institutional accreditation to Corniche Hospital who provides high quality services for women and newborns.  He added, the accreditation surveyors inspected and reviewed the hospital’s policies and practices. We are glad to announce that Corniche Hospital actively complies with NIHS accreditation requirements in all five areas: governance, the training environment, trainees, faculty, and quality assurance and innovation.  NIHS requirements ensure the highest professional standards, lead to enhanced professional capacity of the health workforce, and improve medical care across the UAE.

Based at United Arab Emirates University, the NIHS was established by cabinet decree to spearhead, regulate, and organize professional development for the health workforce in UAE. It has also been accredited as awarding body by National Qualifications Center to award health qualifications, approve programs, issue professional qualifications, and certify continuing professional development in UAE.  It is also responsible for developing and implementing unified standards for professional qualifications to ensure the quality of accredited medical education.  The accreditation process is rigorous to ensure the quality of medical education. To date NIHS has accredited 9 institutions that qualify trainees to pass examinations and obtain the Emirates Board certification.

“Paul Bosio, Chief Medical Officer and Acting CEO, Corniche Hospital said,” Corniche Hospital is one of the leading maternity hospitals in the UAE where it has been providing high quality, services for over 45 years and delivered more than 300,000 babies. Whilst offering the complete range of tertiary obstetrics, gynecology, and neonatology services, it also has a long history in post-graduate medical education through ACGMEi Residency and Fellowship programs, outreach to community clinicians and a multi-professional clinician development program in a dedicated Simulation and Education Center. Corniche Hospital is owned and operated by The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), – the UAE’s largest healthcare network, which manages the government hospitals and clinics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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