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New brokerage house, BlackBrick, launches in Dubai

A new real estate firm has launched in Dubai specialising in sales and investment for the mid to luxury market.

The lifestyle-driven real estate experts are focused on building trust through personal connection and using artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the decision-making process for buyers and sellers.

By effectively analysing data on a large scale, BlackBrick can recognise relationships and patterns to predict buying trends and future market scenarios based on customer behaviour.

BlackBrick is founded by three entrepreneurs – Matthew Bate, John Brash, and Romano Toscano – experts in the respective fields of real estate, branding, and tech.

They are currently developing two primary technologies, Smart Real Estate Objects and Smart Real Estate Dashboard, aimed at helping clients make the best choices.

“A lot has been said about Dubai’s real estate recovery and the market is certainly performing well, especially the luxury segment. However, the picture remains complex, and buyers and sellers are looking for a different level of support to understand the rapidly changing dynamics better and maximise the opportunities,” said Mathew Bate, co-founder and CEO, BlackBrick.

He continued: “Personal connection and one-to-one communication are crucial, and by integrating the latest tech advancements, we can enhance the customer experience with a new level of accurate market intelligence. Buying a property is an emotional decision for most, but AI and ML can play an important role in helping people to make it. This approach will put BlackBrick at the forefront as we aim to build a successful model in Dubai that can be expanded internationally.”

BlackBrick’s 10-strong team of real estate investment advisors develops sustainable strategies and tailored investment plans across a wide range of exclusive property types in Dubai’s premium areas.

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