December 4, 2023

New Joint Venture Formed to Bring US A-List Celebrities to the Middle East

MELT-OWSC, a joint venture of OWS Capital and MELT Middle East are set to

change the landscape within the celebrity entertainment space in the region

Date: May, 2021: OWS Capital, a multi-investment platform with headquarters in the UAE, and MELT Middle East, a consulting and investment entity formed by businessman Steve Harvey, have come together to create a joint venture, MELT-OWSC.

MELT-OWSC utilizes innovative tactics combining entertainment with business through events such as the upcoming celebrity charity golf tournament for COVID relief scheduled to take place in UAE at the end of 2021 with aspirations to make it an annual event.

Along with this first-of-its-kind golf event in the region, there will be a star-studded gala dinner and charity auction featuring a number of A-list celebrity guests.

The collaboration between OWS Capital and MELT Middle East to create MELT-OWSC was a natural progression towards strengthening their individual networks globally by coming together and joining forces to increase their business interests in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the Middle East at large.


Primarily focused on bridging the gap between Middle Eastern and Western cultures, MELT-OWSC has a mandate to create synergy between the two regions whilst breaking down barriers and showcasing what each region represents.

MELT-OWSC has successfully provided a platform for celebrities from the US by giving them an opportunity to establish their footprint in this region and launch innovative business ventures, while firmly establishing a lasting presence in the UAE.

According to MELT-OWSC CEO, Brandon R. Williams; “This opportunity represents a new frontier of international understanding through captivating business activations. I am really looking forward to seeing the impact we can create.”

“Oweis Zahran, founder of OWS Capital, has worked as an entrepreneur in the Middle East for nearly two decades and combined with Steve Harvey’s wisdom and business acumen, this is what gives MELT-OWSC an edge for its stakeholders,” he added.

OWS Capital

Some of the key pillars of OWS Capital include global talent business representation and management, international brand consultancy and development as well as original IP events and festival operations with a focus on arts, entertainment and technology all whilst leveraging its global network and stakeholders.

CEO of OWS Capital Oweis Zahran commented; “The formation of MELT-OWSC at the height of the pandemic proves the strength that this brand represents. Having already delivered successful projects to the government sector in the UAE demonstrates the potential success I’m sure we can look forward to.”

MELT Middle East

MELT Middle East is a consulting and investment entity with Steve Harvey as one of its board members. “When I visited the UAE in 2020, I instantly knew I wanted to create a venture that would highlight the talent, culture and many business opportunities that the Middle East has to offer.

“Through my many strong personal relationships in media and business, MELT Middle East aims to bridge the gap between Western and Middle East culture, while simultaneously creating engaging content and activations that will in turn generate a new and innovative revenue stream,” Steve Harvey elaborates on the vision of MELT Middle East.

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