December 5, 2023

OAG, IATA strengthen data partnership to combat market and schedule volatility

Comprehensive data supplied by OAG’s new cloud platform will help power IATA’s Airport IS market intelligence tool.

BOSTON: OAG, the world’s leading provider of travel data and insight has agreed a partnership with International Air Transport Association (IATA), to provide schedule and reference data via its new cloud platform.

As part of the strengthened partnership between the two aviation leaders, OAG will also provide IATA with a customized version of its market-leading Analyzer tool which will be offered as part of a bundle alongside Airport IS and other existing tools in the future.

Built on the Snowflake cloud platform, the supply of reference and schedules data provides customers with the richest and freshest version of schedules data available in the market.

“COVID-19’s ongoing impact on traffic volatility has made it critical to power our products with the most up-to-date data available. Our strengthened partnership with OAG supplies our airport customers with fresh and accurate data and a highly-innovative, modern and flexible cloud-based platform. The combined IATA and OAG offerings enable airports to operate more intelligently and efficiently while navigating one of the most unpredictable periods in our industry’s lifetime,” said Charles de Gheldere, director aviation data, IATA.

Phil Callow, CEO, OAG added, “Our high-quality, flexible and creative technology enables us to adapt to ongoing market volatility by delivering the optimal version of our data directly in the hands of our customers. Our deeper partnership with IATA and investment in our new cloud platform are the latest steps in our ongoing journey to empower the industry with best-in-class data and tech.”

The multi-year partnership officially went into effect on January 1, 2021 and marks the start of a developing relationship with the two organizations.


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