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One-of-a kind mobile app YOSR boosts interactive features to include social networking in classified ads, auctions, and groups

YOSR mobile application, a marketing tool developed and owned by Naya TechnoMedia, is revolutionizing the mobile app industry by offering a digital platform that combines both business and social networking within in a classified ads application.

YOSR showcases a one-of-kind interactive feature which allows users to build their social media presence, providing them with an option to create a portfolio and personalize it with images, videos, and stories. Personalized profile will give businesses an idea of their shopping preferences and general consumer behavior. It also comes with instant messaging to facilitate engagement and interaction among users.

Ahmad Abd Alhadi, Managing Director of Naya TechnoMedia said: “We have designed this app with the goal to link and perceive the social and business world as equally important. It is user-friendly for private consumers as well as strategic for businesses. We want to provide businesses an avenue which they can enhance their advertising and marketing strategies, while ensuring a rewarding, engaging and seamless shopping mobile app for consumers. It is the perfect app for both worlds.”

“Selling and marketing products have been evolving in tremendous ways and simply buying items online without knowing the buyer or the seller removes the social aspect of business. Social interaction becomes more available online through this app and puts a human face and personality in the business process. Social media provides that platform, which is why creating an application that combines both socialization and business is the best way to address this matter,” Abd Alhadi, added.

YOSR application focuses on providing users with a fun experience as they can simply browse the application during their free time to enjoy watching other users’ stories and chat with each other. At the same time, they can easily access or view any item they may find interesting.

The mobile app also allows sellers to post an ad without restricting them to a specific format, a special feature that removes limitations for sellers when writing their ads. Some of the ads can be detailed with description while others can be easily promoted, making it more flexible and enabling them to be more creative in presenting their products to buyers.

Ahmad Abd Alhadi, Managing Director of Naya TechnoMedia said: “With our ongoing efforts to maximize the users experience on YOSR, we hope to see a great outlook in the coming months. Our number one goal will always be to remain credible and be known to be the state-of-art communication technology that makes life easy for businesses and consumers.”

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