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QNET participates in ‘We Conquer’ Breast Cancer Awareness Drive

QNET, the prominent e-commerce based direct selling company, participated in a community bicycle ride with over 500 cyclists participating to raise awareness for breast cancer. The ride began at Dubai Silicon Oasis headquarters and ended at Dubai Digital Park.

The 10-kilometre community bicycle ride was held under the theme “Pedal to Fight’ and took place before the ‘We Conquer’ Breast Cancer Awareness event. Organised as a part of the 30×30 Dubai Fitness Challenge, the ride was open to everyone.

Commenting on the achievement, Ms. Malou Caluza, CEO of QNET said, “This is an excellent achievement for everyone who participated in the ride. The enthusiasm with which the cyclists show their solidarity and led support to the efforts of people all around the world who are diagnosed with breast cancer is delightful and inspiring.”

“One in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes. With early detection and accurate diagnosis, we can increase the rate of survival by 95 per cent. This is why awareness is so important in the fight against breast cancer. There is still a lot of work to be done moving forward, but I believe that together, we can conquer this disease and beat it,” she added.

She further stated that events like the community bike ride are important, not just because they raise awareness for breast cancer, but bring every member of the community together, tapping into their collective passion to have an impact.

Diagnosed in 2016 with stage two breast cancer, Ms. Caluza is herself a survivor of breast cancer and feels very strongly about the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness.

“Cancer does not define me. It is just a chapter in my beautiful and meaningful life. It was a teacher that taught me to be strong, resilient, grateful, kind, and compassionate. It helped me live, love and appreciate every moment of my life,” she said.

Ms. Caluza credits her family as her first line of defence against feelings of hopelessness. “During this time, my biggest anchor was my family, and I am grateful to them and everyone else, including my co-workers for being by my side and supporting me through these difficult times,” she said.

Ms. Nesrine Benbahi, a QNET employee, spoke at the ‘We Conquer’ Breast Cancer Awareness drive as a cancer survivor. The 33-year-old executive customer support at QNET was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2020.

Ms. Benbahi detailed the hardships she had to overcome on her journey to beat cancer and how she managed the strength to keep going, she said, “As a cancer survivor, I can tell you that the battle against cancer is only 30 per cent physical. The other 70 per cent is mental and if you hold onto your mental strength, you will be able to make it through.”

Ms. Benbahi expressed gratitude to all the participants of the event. “I know how hopeless and lonely the whole experience can feel. When those battling cancer today see so many people come together and show solidarity for them, it helps them feel a little less hopeless and alone. It helps them see the bigger picture and realise that they have the courage to overcome,” she said.  

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