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QNET’s Luxury Swiss brand unveils new faith-affirming jewellery collection

Dubai: UAE, November 14, 2022: QNET’s luxury Swiss brand, Bernhard H. Mayer®, shows its devotion to a belief in something greater with Amani Pendant from the Iman collection. Designed to be a worthy testament to the firm conviction of the unwavering strength of faith, the Amani Pendant boasts an elaborate, yet elegant design that serves as a reminder of Allah’s magnificence.

Diamond and yellow gold

The Amani Pendant symbolizes the idea that Allah is infinite and that he is magnificent. It represents the notion that nurturing a devotion to a belief much larger than oneself is itself the greatest reward.

It presents a philosophy of hope and calm assurance in the wisdom of Allah, adorned with beautiful, Bismillah Arabic calligraphy. It boasts a diamond and yellow gold design in a circular form. The never-ending nature of the circle is a reminder that Allah is infinite and that he is magnificent.

A pure expression of faith

The Amani Pendant is a faith-affirming symbol of devotion to Islam. It is designed with superior craftsmanship and attention to fine detail, each piece in The Iman Collection is embodies the unwavering strength that we find in our faith. The act of wearing the Amani Pendant is one’s silent plea to Allah that he may rest his guiding hand upon their shoulder and be the guide that will lead them to prosperity, success, and unity.

Commenting on the unique and meticulous craftsmanship behind the piece, Paul McHenry, Chief Marketing Officer of QNET, stated, “Bernhard H. Mayer® has acquired a unique prestige and reputation through its jewellery, and this is due to the consistency with Mayer family business applies its philosophy of excellence. That pursuit for perfection has carried over to the Amani Pendant and The Iman Collection. We are confident that we have lived up to the standards that have been set by the Bernhard H. Mayer brand and our customers are going to love this new collection.”

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