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RAK Mall to host interactive pet zoo

RAK, UAE: Visitors to RAK Mall can interact with flurry friends and cute lovable animals at the petting zoo hosted in the mall from the 11th to 13th November and 18th to 20th November 2022 from 4pm to 9pm and have the opportunity to learn about the need for compassion towards other living beings.

The children can hold and feed the animals and hopefully grow up with a huge respect and love for all creatures great and small. The harmless pets are regularly shampooed, blow dryed and veterinarian checked.

The Animals in the pet zoo include African spurred tortoises, baby tortoises, red footed tortoises, python snake, king and corn snakes as well as budgies. Visitors can also meet mummy and baby rabbits, cinnicot snowflake hedgehogs, Indian ring-necked parrot, a green iguana, guineapigs, ducks and ducklings, a white rat, a baby goat, hamsters plus south american blue and gold Macaw parrot.

RAK MALL places great emphasis on safety measures regarding COVID-19, ensuring the public areas remain a safe place to shop and dine in.

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